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Miriam M.Erickson

Pre-Major Academic Advisor for College of Arts & Science
Lecturer, Department of History

Miriam Martin Erickson is an Atlantic World historian of the eighteenth-century with a focus on race, rebellion, and revolution. She is revising her dissertation titled "Black Auxiliary Troops of King Carlos IV: African Diaspora in the Eighteenth Century Spanish Atlantic World" which examines a black militia community from the Haitian Revolution and their entrance into Central America. The manuscript uses archival material from Archivo General de CentroAmerica in Guatemala, London's National Archives, Spain's archives in Simancas and Seville, and the Newberry Library archives in Chicago with support from the Harvard Atlantic World Seminar, The Newberry Library, and Vanderbilt University. Her project also makes use of digital humanities’ cartographic materials and prosopographical datasets by re-creating and re-imagining how spatial relations stimulate political and cultural change. Professor Erickson has presented her work at several conferences including the Latin American Studies Association, The Association of Caribbean Historians, American Historical Association, the Harriet Tubman Summer Institute, and the Consortium on Revolutionary Era. She is a specialist in late Colonial Latin America, Central America, and the Atlantic World, and her research interests are politically, militarily, and culturally aligned. In addition to her position as lecturer, Professor Erickson enjoys working as a Pre-Major Academic Advisor for the College of Arts & Sciences.