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Maymester in Vienna


Origins of Modernism: Vienna 1750 to the Present

May 4-28, 2015

Probably no other European capital preserved its former glory with equal attention to detail while transforming the past into a versatile, modern present. Once the center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna still plays a major role in world politics with its multiple United Nations offices and many other institutions. A link between West and East, North and South, Vienna has been a market place of diverse cultural ideas and political concepts for centuries. These ideas manifest in the city’s architecture, its events, and particularly its museums, ranging from the world famous Museums of Art History and the Natural History Museum to lesser known, but highly innovative venues such as the House of Music, the Anatomic Collection in the city’s former “Fool’s Tower,” and the Art Fakes Museum. Students will explore the cultural diversity of Vienna, its European (and Austrian) context, its history, institutions, museums, and monuments. Trips to Budapest, historic sites along the Danube river (Melk monastery), and to the nearby Alps will complete this Maymester in the heart of Europe. EndFragment  

Prof. Christoph Zeller
European Studies Program
EUS 260
Credit: Ger NEQ above 222/ AXLE credit (INT)

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