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McTyeire International House

McTyerie HouseThe McTyeire International House is one of Vanderbilt's most popular living/learning centers. The program promotes the use of foreign languages and the awareness of different cultures. Its Russian and German halls offer a varied and lively intellectual and social atmosphere. Students are required to speak their target language at specific activities, including weekly study breaks and international dinners served Monday through Thursday. McTyeire has its own dining room and kitchen that specializes in the cuisine of the various cultures represented in the program.

 The only requirements to apply to McTyeire are sufficient language ability to converse informally and the willingness to participate in both group specific and dorm-wide activities. Among the activities offered in McTyeire are dances, cook-outs, and special parties, e.g. The McTyeire Student-Faculty Mixer, Superbowl Sunday, McTyeire Olympics, and Big Band Ball. The fireplace lounge provides a cozy setting for studying, fireside chats featuring guest speakers, and marshmallow roasts.

Anja Bandas | Program Director
McTyeire International House -