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Vanderbilt at GSA Conference in Denver

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Various Vanderbilt faculty members and graduate students gave presentations at this year's GSA Conference in Denver (October 3-6, 2013):

  •  David Blackbourn gave the Luncheon Talk on Friday, Oct. 4, 2013, entitled "Honey, I Shrunk German History." He also participated in the seminar on »Global History, Literature, and Culture from a German Base."
  • Meike Werner organized and moderated two panels. As vice president of the American Friends of Marbach she moderated a panel on "Der Erste Weltkrieg: Literatur | Fotografie | Archiv," featuring the work of Heike Gfrereis and Frank Druffner in the Deutsche Literaturarchiv Marbach. Click here for more information about the exhibit on World War I. In addition, Werner presented in the panel on "1913 in Geschichte und Literatur" together with Gangolf Hübinger (Europa Universität Viadrina), Steve Dowden (Brandeis), Walter Erhart (Bielefeld), and Roger Chickering (Georgetown).
  • Rebecca Panter participated in the seminar on "Revisiting Emotions in German Studies" with a presentation on "Expressivism, Cognitivism, and the Time Dependence of Emotions: A Case Study from E.T.A. Hoffmann." This contribution to the experimental seminar on emotions dealt with a theoretical issue affecting the interpretation of emotions depicted in literature: how representations of emotions involve three distinct narrative layers that occur prior to, posterior to, and concurrently with the emotion.
  • Lutz Koepnick served as a commentator to a panel on "Contemporary Art and Exhibition Cultures,' featuring papers by Mark Rectanus (Iowa State), Kerstin Barndt (Michigan), and Heather Mathews (Pacific Lutheran). He also participated in a roundtable organized by the newly established "Music and Sound Studies Network" (organized by Vanderbilt's Joy Calico and David Imhoof), meant to reflect on the current state and future prospects of German music and sound scholarship; other panelists included Amy Wlodarski (Dickinson), Celia Applegate (Vanderbilt), and Nicholas Vazsonyi (South Carolina).
  • John McCarthy participated in a seminar on "For a new Enlightenment" and he served as commentator for "Religious Cultures Network: "Between a Dead language and a Hangover"? Religion in Contemporary German Cultures: Religion and German Aesthetics" engaging the work of Erin McGlothlin (Washington University), Timothy Malchow (Valpariso University) and Thomas Bell (University of Washington).
  • Christopher Mapes gave a talk on "Enlightenment Debates on Slavery: Transatlantic Perspectives" as part of a panel on "Travel Experience and the Critical Imagination."
  • Jeremy DeWaal presented a paper entitled "Political Rally, Cultural Zoo, or Home Town Reunion? Expellee Tag der Heimat Observances, 1950–1969" in a panel on "Refugees and Expellees in West German Society."