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Meet Associate Professor Emily Greble

In the past year Vanderbilt has expanded its commitment to teaching and scholarship on Russia and Eastern Europe. This is an exciting time for our department, with new faces on campus, inventive new courses on the books, and a new focus on the global implications of the region’s history and culture. Be on the lookout for a revised joint major that pairs European Studies with Russian and East European Studies, a combination that will offer students the opportunity to develop a contextualized and applicable understanding of East European societies.

As part of this expansion, we welcome Emily Greble, a historian who specializes in southeastern Europe. Dr. Greble teaches and writes on Eastern Europe in World War II, Communist societies, the evolution of laws and citizenship in post-imperial spaces, and Muslims in Europe. She brings with her a zeal for archival research and contagious fascination with the countries of the former Yugoslavia. When not teaching and writing, Greble can be found hiking and camping with her husband and two young sons, either in the Appalachians or on the peaks of Montenegro and Southern Serbia.


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