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David Wood

Professor of Philosophy
Professor of German Studies

Dr. Wood's interests lie in the possibilities of reading and thinking opened up by contemporary continental philosophy and by nineteenth century German thought. Current philosophical projects include: reworking/displacing Heidegger's treatment of time within fundamental ontology; developing a nonprescriptive posthumanistic approach to ethics; providing an account of truth that does justice both to its normative, 'existential' and metaphysical dimensions; various different approaches to the philosophy of nature (environmental philosophy, animals rights, thinking boundaries etc.).

He also runs a series of philosophy talks at the Nashville Downtown Public Library. For details of the program, see Thinking out of the Box. He is also an environmental artist and stages Art Events from time to time. See the Chronopod Cycle here, and his MNAC Artist Registry website. For interviews relating to these and other matters, check out the following additional interviews: Food for the Imagination, Contretemps Interview.

Charles Scott and David Wood discuss Thinking After Heidegger , Vanderbilt Philosophy Colloquium, September 24 2004:
      Charles Scott's comments
      David Wood's response

Ted Toadvine on David Wood (SPEP Scholar's Session, Oregon, 2006)

"Conversation with Wendell Berry"
David Wood's "The Lure of the Writer’s Cabin" recently appeared in the NYT November Opinionator.
John Llewelyn's response to The Lure of the Writer's Cabin, can be found here..

Current Research

Books in Progress:

Thinking Art: The Philosophical Significance of Seven Artists