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Andrea Weatherman

Following her undergraduate education at Converse College, Andrea Weatherman lived the next several years in Winston-Salem, NC, working and studying injury-preventive keyboard technique. During this time her love of lieder inspired her to begin learning German. She entered Bowling Green State University’s German MA program in 2009. After one year of study at the University of Salzburg, she led an Anton Reiseresque life of intermittent euphoria and despair while teaching, reading, and writing in Ohio. However, rather than throwing her lot in with a failing theater company, she stuck it out and successfully defended her thesis. Prior to relocating to Nashville, she resided in a small town in Germany and spent many hours day-dreaming and hiking while savoring bread and beer, but, unlike Mr. Reiserus, she never tackled the route from Hannover to Erfurt. Presently, she enjoys intellectual exploration while completing coursework and facilitating beginning German classes.