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Associate Director

Mouzon Siddiqi

Ana Regina Vides de Andrade

Senior Lecturer in Economics
Associate Director of GPED

      Ana Regina Vides de Andrade is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Vanderbilt University and Associate Director of the Graduate Program in Economic Development (GPED).  Dr. Andrade received her training at Vanderbilt University where she completed the GPED Master’s program and the Ph.D. in Economics.  After completing her studies, Ana Regina worked for 16 years as Senior Statistician at the Center for Evaluation and Program Improvement (CEPI) at Vanderbilt where she accumulated extensive experience in Program Impact Evaluation.  At CEPI, she participated in several randomized evaluation programs—designing, managing, and analyzing longitudinal data for grant-funded research studies.  She has co-authored and published articles on the effectiveness of mental health treatment for children in actual practice settings.  She is currently teaching Project Evaluation, Latin American Economic Development, and Statistics.


Contact Information

phone: 615-322-7356
fax: 615-343-8495
Office: 212A Calhoun Hall

Curriculum Vitae