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mouzonMouzon Siddiqi retiring after 29 years of dedicated service

Mouzon Siddiqi, Program Coordinator in the Graduate Program in Economic Development, retired on September 30, 2016, after 29 years of outstanding and dedicated service in the GPED and 41 years of service in total at Vanderbilt University.

Mouzon is an institution in the GPED and the heart and soul of our program for many years. She offered the highest level of service to everyone—students, faculty and staff—and made them feel that they were a part of her family.  She moved our program forward in many ways and helped build a strong foundation for the program’s future development.

Mouzon surely will be missed, but we wish her all the very best as she embarks on her well-earned retirement.  Mouzon’s Vanderbilt email is inactive now.  Alumni who want to get in touch with her can reach her through:  You know she would love to continue to hear from you! 



siddiqi awardMouzon and Sultan Siddiqi Citizenship Award

Mouzon and her late husband Sultan Siddiqi opened their family to all students, staff and faculty in the program; everyone they met in the GPED was a Siddiqi.  Their warmth, kindness and openness created an environment of love and companionship within the GPED.  If any of us had a problem and could not figure out how to solve it on our own, Mouzon and Sultan were there to help.  They offered good advice and never judged.  Mouzon and Sultan demonstrated true citizenship. 

To honor this extraordinary couple, the GPED office set up the Mouzon and Sultan Siddiqi Citizenship Award. This award is given once a year to a student in the second year class who displays many of the characteristics that define Mouzon and Sultan: kindness, inclusion, helpfulness and altruism.  This student is a problem solver, a confidante, a friend.

The first recipient of the Mouzon and Sultan Siddiqi Citizenship Award, presented on September 30, 2016, is Ms. Tenele Dlamini—nominated by her GPED peers for best exemplifying “Siddiqi” citizenship. “Tenele opened her warm heart to all of us first-year students, leading by example about how to embrace our diversity and cultural differences. She has always made us feel comfortable around her.” “Tenele is always passionate, brings fun to all GPEDers, helps with GPED affairs.” “Tenele is friendly to all of us and always eager to help.”

The Siddiqi Award fund is supported by contributions from the GPED alumni, Economics Department faculty, and friends of Mouzon and Sultan Siddiqi.  Their generosity enables us to present this award for several years to come.  If you are interested in contributing to the Siddiqi Award fund, please following the link here:  Participation is totally voluntary.  Please contact Shijie Shi if you have questions about the contributions.  We thank you for your interest in Mouzon and for your continuing support of the GPED!