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The 2019-2020 school year brought back numerous GPED alumni, including the following individuals who dropped by our office! If you are a GPED graduate and interested in stopping by, walk-ins are always welcome, but it works best if you inform us in advance so we have one of our department members there to greet you! Please also feel free to send any personal or professional updates, so we may share with the GPED family in a future newsletter!

Lorez Qehaja (class of 2017) did an outstanding job explaining her work at the November 17th GPED forum in a presentation titled “Employment Programs and the Effect of Institutions: The Case of Kosovo.” Lorez currently serves as a Senior Consultant for UBO Consutling in Pristina, Kosovo.  Additionally, Lorez presented us with a musical instrument native to the Kosovo region.  Thank you, Loreza for the thoughtful gift! 


On September 10th we received an unexpected visit from 1999 alumnus, Jakhongir Imamov, of Uzbekistan who is in Nashville for a conference. Jakhongir currently serves as the General Manager of Alummerce Inc. which is based out of Montreal, Canada, where he resides with his family. Thanks, Jakhongir, for stopping by the GPED office to reminisce with Dr. Anderson!


Maryam Guul (class of 2018) surprised us by stopping by the GPED office on March 22, when she was in town from Washington D.C. meeting with friends. Maryam currently works as a Data Analyst at Teach for All.


Envery Guney (class of 1987) spoke at the GPED forum in April and brought along his wonderful family for the trip.  Enver and his wife came all the way from Turkey, where he serves as the Executive Managing Director and Board Member of Uni-Mar Energy Investments. Enver brought along a unique artifact all the way from Turkey as a gift for the GPED which we now have on display in the GPED office.

Guney Family

Rebecca West (class of 2015) came to Vanderbilt to discuss her experiences living and working in Chile at our February forum. Rebecca is currently working toward her MBA degree at the University of California Berkeley, Haas School of Business.


Kaltrina Temaj and Lule Bahtiri (class of 2017) visited us from Kosovo in December of 2018 through January of 2019. Kaltrina is a Research Analyist at UBO Consulting in Kosovo and Lule is Statician at The Central Bank of Kosovo.


Ahmad Al-Mulhem of Saudi Arabia (class of 2015) was visiting from Los Angeles where he was traveling for work with Aramco.


Faniry Ratsimazafy of Madagascar (class of 2015) is currently located in Nashville serving as a Financial Analyst at Results Physiotherapy.


Boris Rubbani (class of 2015) stopped by while on a road trip to Nashville with friends. Boris currently works as an economist with CMB Regional Centers in Rock Island, IL. Thanks for dropping by, Boris!


Jane Karonga of Zimbabwe (class of 2011) is currently working with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in Ethiopia. Jane got lucky and was able to chat with Kathy, who was in her office during the time of her visit.


Raffi Garcia (class of 2009) stopped by the GPED office to visit while on campus for a conference in early October. Raffi currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Lally School of Management.


GPED alumnus Heh-Song Wang's daughter, Jenny Wang, visited Nashville and stopped by campus to see where her dad studied back in the 1960s. We were able to locate his class photo from 1969. Jenny's dad is now retired and living in Taiwan but spent many years working for the Asian Development Bank.