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If you are a GPED graduate and interested in stopping by, walk-ins are always welcome, but it works best if you inform us in advance so we have one of our department members there to greet you! Please also feel free to send any personal or professional updates, so we may share with the GPED family in a future newsletter!

We were delighted to welcome the following alumni so far during the 2019-20 school year:

We were excited to welcome 2014 GPED alumnus Hanchen Jiang as our Forum speaker on November 7th. (He also came and presented to our students in Fall 2017.) Hanchen is a PhD candidate in Economics at Johns Hopkins University, and he gave an excellent presentation on his research in housing affordability titled "Ignorance is Bliss? Rent Regulation, Policy Awareness, and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from New York City." Thank you, Hanchen, for also taking the time to discuss your PhD journey and research interests with several of our PhD-bound students!