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Giving to the College of Arts and Science

GeerThe College of Arts and Science is at the heart of the research university’s mission. It is here, at the forefront of intellectual discovery and innovation, that we lay the groundwork for the creation of new knowledge and the formation of new generations of scholars and professionals.

But we need your help. The support of alumni and friends helps us fulfill our pledge to meet to the financial need of all admitted undergraduates. Your contributions make their dreams a reality, as we seek to provide all our students the resources they need to excel. In addition, your unrestricted annual gifts allow us to address critical needs and take advantage of pivotal opportunities as they arise, from recruiting and retaining top faculty to funding curriculum enhancements and new facilities.

Giving is easy. Large or small, your gifts make it possible for the College of Arts and Science to lead the way into a bright and inspiring future. Please join our growing community of alumni and friends today in support of this worthy cause.

With thanks,

John G. Geer, Dean, College of Arts and Science 
Gertrude Conaway Professor of Political Science