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Wout Cornelissen

Research Assistant Professor of German
Lecturer in Philosophy

Wout Cornelissen holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Leiden University and an M.A. in Philosophy from Radboud University, Nijmegen. He was a visiting scholar at the Committee on Social Thought of the University of Chicago. He taught political philosophy at Leiden University’s Institute for Philosophy and philosophy of law at the Law School of VU University Amsterdam. He was a Hannah Arendt Center postdoctoral fellow and a visiting assistant professor of humanities at Bard College, where he taught first-year seminar, and a postdoctoral researcher in philosophy at Utrecht University. He specializes in political philosophy and its history and in twentieth-century continental philosophy. His first monograph focuses on the relation between thought and action in the writing of Karl Popper, Leo Strauss, and Hannah Arendt. At Vanderbilt University, he works on a critical edition of Arendt’s The Life of the Mind, as part of the first critical edition of her complete works, published by Wallstein Verlag. In fall 2017, he taught a graduate seminar in the Department of Political Science on Arendt’s later political thinking. He currently holds a teaching appointment in the Department of Philosophy.

He teaches the following courses:

- PHIL 3011: Critical Theory (Spring 2018)

- PHIL 3010: Phenomenology (Fall 2018)

- PHIL 3622: Contemporary Political Philosophy (Spring 2019)

- PHIL 3009: Existential Philosophy (Fall 2019)

- PHIL 3020: Political and Social Philosophy (Fall 2019)