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4+1 Program

What is it?
This new program allows outstanding French students to complete a BA and MA in five years.

Who would benefit?
Advanced-level students who want to continue their studies in French to be more marketable for graduate school or a career in international business/law.  Students interested in teaching would also have an advantage.

What are the requirements for application?

Typical Course of Study Hours
Semester 1 1 course 3
Semester 2 1 course 3
*Semester 3 ViF: 4 courses + internship 12+
*Semester 4 1 course 3
*Semester 5 1 course (consult re: application to program) 3
*Semester 6 2 courses (apply to program)
*Semester 7 1 course 3
**Semester 8 2 courses 6
**Semester 9 4 courses 12
**Semester 10 4 courses 12
M.A 33

*Students may choose to attend ViF during the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th semesters.

** 3 courses (9 hours) in the MA program may be undergraduate courses with added work for graduate credit.

What is the cost of the program?
Tuition cost per credit hour is $1347.  In addition, the activity fee is currently $30 and the student health insurance is $1896.  Estimated cost of the 5th year would be about $35,000. No financial aid is available for the 5th year.

NB: Students may take additional graduate courses during the 4th year of study, thereby decreasing the cost of the 5th year.