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French & Italian Department Members present at ACTFL conference

Nathalie Dieu-Porter, Principal Senior Lecturer in French

Beyond the Classroom: A Project-Based French for the Professions
This project-based approach to a French for the
Professions course emphasized hands-on participation in class projects that connect directly with study abroad, internship, and  community service opportunities. Students develop communicative and cultural  competence while engaged in projects relating to their pre-professional interests.

Co-presenter: Mary Beth Craycraft


Daniela D’ Eugenio, Senior Lecturer in Italian

Italian Paper Presentations on Interculturality:

Proverbs as Tools for Collaboration and Cultural Understanding

Proverbs allow for a variety of spoken and written
activities and stimulate different abilities and cognitive
skills. They encourage students to reflect more broadly
on cultural and social issues, stimulate their interest,
and improve their output, enabling them to compare and
contrast different languages and cultures.

Jacob Abell, French PhD Candidate

Connections: Case Studies on Linking Literature and Language Teaching
University TAs and early-career researchers are often in the position of researching literary or cultural studies while teaching lower-level language courses. This session presented three examples of how to use the World-Readiness Standards and communicative pedagogy to integrate one’s research into lower-level language classes
Co-presenter: Stacey Margarita Johnson