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French Courses Offered 2020-21

Summer 2020

Maymester: May 4 – 29
      FREN 3230: French and Francophone Cinema       
      TBD         Online            Ramey, Lynn 


First Session: June 2 – July 2
      FREN 2203: Intermediate French Language and Cultures    
      TBD         Online           Petit, Elyse

     FREN 3891: Special Topics – Popular Music Francophone
     TBD         Online            Miller, Paul


Second Session: July 7 – Aug 6
      FREN 3892: Special Topics  – Role-Playing Parisian Life
      TBD         Online          Petit, Elyse

Spring 2020

FREN 1102: Introduction to French in the World
MWF     01:10p – 02:00p        Buttrick Hall 204        White, Bryant
MWF     10:10a – 11:00a         Calhoun Hall 337        Contreras, Anthony G.
MWF     11:10a – 12:00p        Calhoun Hall 219        Arvidson, Sarah
MWF   12:10p – 01:00p           Calhoun Hall 337        Dubosson, Anne Sophie
MWF     12:10p – 01:00p        Calhoun Hall 103        Petit, Elyse B.

FREN 1103: Accelerated Introduction to French in the World
MWF     1:10p – 2:00p              Wilson Hall 127        Wilson, Cara L.

FREN 2203: Intermediate French Language and Cultures
MWF     11:10a – 12:00p        Calhoun Hall 104        Kevra, Susan K.
MWF    10:10a – 11:00a          Commons West 107   McGinley, Meghan

FREN 2501W: French Composition and Grammar 
MWF     11:10a – 12:00p        Calhoun Hall 117               Petit, Elyse
MWF     12:10p – 1:00p          Calhoun Hall 117               Blomquist, Lisa

FREN 2614: Advanced Conversational French
MWF     12:10p – 1:00p          Wilson Hall 127          Wilson, Cara L.

FREN 3001: Texts and Contexts: Middle Ages to the Enlightenment
TR           11:00a – 12:15p       Calhoun Hall 204               Miller, Paul B.

FREN 3002: Texts and Contexts: Revolution to the Present 
MWF     01:10p – 02:00p        Wilson Hall 121          Nzabatsinda, Anthere
TR       11:00a – 12:15p          Calhoun 218                Rexer, Raisa

FREN 3111: French for Business
MWF     12:10p – 1:00p         Furman Hall 217               Porter, Nathalie D.

FREN 3332: Popular Music & Social Change in France & Francophone World
TR     01:10p – 02:25p                 Furman Hall 109                 Miller, Paul


FREN 3891: Special Topics – 19th C True Crime & Crime Fict
TR           2:35p – 3:50p                 Calhoun Hall 423               Rexer, Raisa
Note: This course looks at the representation of crime and criminality in fiction, newspaper reporting, and criminological texts in nineteenth-century France. Beginning with the memoirs of Vidocq, a notorious criminal-turned-policeman who inspired some of the greatest novelists of the nineteenth century, we examine the complicated interplay of fact and fiction in crime narratives from the period, culminating with independent projects where the students themselves tell the story of a nineteenth-century true crime. Works by Hugo, Balzac, Zola, Maupassant, Gaboriau, and others.

FREN 3892: Special Topics – French & Francophone Cinema
MWF     11:10a – 12:00p                 Calhoun Hall 320           Nzabatsinda, Anthere.
Note: Through a sample of films in French, this Special Topics class taught in French will focus on the screen representation of contemporary human migrations in France and Francophone countries. Inherent cultural and geopolitical sub-themes will be discussed as well. Regions: Europe (France; Belgium); Quebec/Canada; North and Sub-Sub-Saharan Africa; the Caribbean; and the former Indochine.