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Jessica Greenfield

Jessica Greenfield
Lecturer in Italian


Furman Hall 228





Ph.D.  Romance Languages and Literatures (Italian) – University of North Carolina

M.A.  Italian Studies – University of Notre Dame

B.A.  Italian Studies – University of California, Berkeley

B.A.  Classics – University of California, Berkeley

Professional Biography

My experiences in curriculum development and program building have allowed me to teach a wide array of courses in language, literature, film and culture.  I have designed numerous courses such as Introduction to Literature, Italian Neorealism, Italian Popular Film and Fiction, and Italian Tourism that expose students to the culture and literature of Italy while reinforcing vocabulary and grammatical structures introduced during the earlier semester of language study.

My dissertation, The picturesque in Giovanni Verga’s Sicilian Collections, explored the usage of descriptions of nature in Vita dei campi and Novelle rusticane. I now focus on Sicilian writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Representative Publications

“Manifestations of desire in Giovanni Verga’s Storia di una capinera.”  The Fire Within: Desire in Contemporary and Modern Italian Literature. Ed. Elena Borelli.  Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013.  (forthcoming)

Student Activities Manual.  San Diego: Cognella Inc., 2013.

Elementary Italian.  San Diego: Cognella Inc., 2013.


2012 – “Sweet Lemons 2: International Writings with a Sicilian Accent.”  Annali d’Italianistica Volume 30

2012 – Anna Pagliaro’s The Novels of Federico de Roberto.”  Italian Culture

2011 – “Ma la vita è così di Leonilde Frieri Ruberto. Trans. Laura E. Ruberto.”  Annali d’Italianistica Volume 29

2009 – “Le immagini e la parole dei Malavoglia di Silvia Iannello.”  Annali d’Italianistica Volume 27

2008 – “Garibaldi: Citizen of the World by Alfonso Scirocco. Trans. Allan Cameron.”  Annali d’Italianistica Volume 26

2007 – “Sicily Through Symbolism and Myth: Gates to Heaven and the Underworld by Paolo Fiorentino.”  Annali d’Italianistica Volume 25

2007 – “‘Metodologie di sovversione: Monte Ignoso di Paolo Masino.’” Crisolenguas, Revista Electrónica de Lenguas Extranjeras

2007 –  “‘(De)constructing humour across languages and genres.’” [Article evaluation]  Crisolenguas, Revista Electrónica de Lenguas Extranjeras

Professional Organizations

Modern Language Association

American Association of Italian Studies

American Association of Teachers of Italian