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Exchange Programs in France

Graduate Exchange Programs in France

The Department has graduate exchange programs in Paris and Aix-en-Provence in alternate years. Qualified graduate students from Vanderbilt who are native speakers of English have the opportunity to participate in one or the other of these exchanges. In addition, qualified students from Paris (MICEFA) and from the Université de Provence spend a year at Vanderbilt. Students interested in being considered for either exchange program should contact the Chair of the Department as early as possible in the academic year.

Information for Vanderbilt Students

Paris: Since 1990 the Department has participated in a graduate exchange program in the Paris area with the Mission Inter-universitaire de coordination des échanges franco-américains (MICEFA). A qualified graduate student spends a year in Paris teaching conversational English in either a lycée or a university setting. Students receive a monthly stipend and the opportunity to take university courses.

Aix-en-Provence: Qualified graduate students may go to Aix in alternate years to teach English and American studies as well as take courses at the Université d’Aix-Marseille in Aix-en-Provence. Students receive a stipend and may take courses at the university.

Information for French Students

In alternating years, a French graduate student from Paris (through MICEFA) or Aix-en-Provence spends the year at Vanderbilt as a non-degree seeking graduate student. In exchange for room, board, and tuition, the student teaches two French language classes and serves as a resident assistant on the French Hall of the McTyeire International House. French exchange students are free to audit any courses of interest to them.

Teaching responsibilities

Teach two elementary French courses, one in fall one in spring (all materials provided)

Meet weekly with Language Coordinator, Professor Virginia Scott

Work as part of a teaching team with other graduate students in French

French Hall Coordinator in McTyeire International House

McTyeire is a residential hall for undergraduates who want to immerse themselves in a language (French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and German). Each language hall coordinator has several responsibilities both as language teachers and as hall coordinators. The program director, Anja Bandas, will schedule orientation and weekly staff meetings for all hall coordinators.

Language responsibilities include eating dinner (Monday through Thursday) with the residents of the French Hall, conducting study breaks, group meetings, and various events (movie screenings, holiday parties, cultural events, etc.) For the undergraduate students, the hall coordinator is an invaluable resource in their attempts to become fluent in French and to deepen their understanding of French and Francophone culture.

Administrative responsibilities: arrive in mid-August to participate in orientation programs; become acquainted with the McTyeire organizational structure, get to know the residents, other coordinators and administrators; set goals and hall policies for the French hall; coordinate weekly study breaks; learn the application, interview, and admission processes for new McTyeire applicants; attend weekly meetings with other hall coordinators; keep students motivated!

Click here for more information about McTyeire.

Other responsibilities

The French exchange student is expected to participate fully in the life of the department, interacting in French with other graduate students and faculty members. They are also responsible for keeping members of the department up-to-date on the happenings in McTyeire and inviting graduate students and faculty members to special events.

Past Graduate Exchange Students

Students from Vanderbilt University: Abby Broughton, Aix (2017-2018), Kate Devine, Paris (2016-2017); Raquelle Bostow, Aix (2015-2016), Killian Quigley, Paris (2014-2015); Annette Joseph-Gabriel, Aix (2013-14); Julian Ledford, Paris (2012-2013); Rachel Early, Aix (2011-2012); Daniel Ridge, Paris (2010-2011); Robert Watson, Aix (2009-2010); Eva Dessein, Paris (2008-2009); Louis Betty, Aix (2007-08); Regan Phillips, Paris (2006-07); Ingrid Schwab, Paris (2004-05); Alistaire Tallent, Aix (2003-04), Julie Huntington, Paris (2002-03); Heather Garrett, Aix (2001-02), Heidi Wright, Paris (2000-01).

Students from France: Romain Gilibert, Aix (2017-2018), Alexandra Astier, Paris (2016-2017); Diana Banegas, Aix (2015-2016); Nicolas Courchamp, Paris (2014-2015); Kévin Viot, Aix (2013-2014); Benoit Houzé, Paris (2012-2013); Aida Laateur, Aix (2011-2012); Roxane Pajoul, Paris (2010-2011); Victor Stépien, Aix (2009-2010); Lucas Faugère, Paris (2008-2009); Jean-Michel Zaffiropoulos, Aix (2007-08); Nathalie Miquel-Elcano, Paris (2006-07); Eva Dessein, Aix (2005-06); Kristenn Chancerelle, Paris (2004-05); Naïma Hachad, Aix (2003-04); Abigail Conan, Paris (2002-03); Stéphan Fontana, Aix (2001-02); Luc Journée, Paris (2000-01); Sylvie Camus, Paris (1993-94); Pascale Chomono, Paris (1992-93).

Paris Exchange Details