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Graduate Alumni

Jacob Abell (Ph.D. 2021) Visiting Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, Colgate University, Hamilton NY.

Nathan Dize (Ph.D. 2021) Visiting Assistant Professor of French, Oberlin College, Oberlin OH.

Anthony Contreras (Ph.D. 2021) Instructor of French & Spanish, The Paideia School, Atlanta GA.

Kathryn Devine (Ph.D 2021) Graduated with a co-tutelle between Vanderbilt University and Université Paris 8, Kate researches and teaches at the Sorbonne Paris III and Université Paris-Nanterre.

Abby Broughton (Ph.D 2020)  Assistant Professor of French  at High Point University in High Point, NC.

Bonnie Griffin (Ph.D 2020)  Taxonomy Analyst for the French market with Indeed, Austin, TX.

Cara Wilson (Ph.D. 2019) Postdoctoral Scholar, Research in the Department of French & Italian, Vanderbilt University.

Roxane Pajoul (Ph.D. 2017) Assistant Professor of French, Department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN.

Raquel Bostow (Ph.D. 2017 ) Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Fisk University and  Mellon Visiting Scholar, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

Annette Joseph-Gabriel (Ph.D. 2015). Assistant Professor of French, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Julian A. Ledford (Ph.D. 2014). Visiting Assistant Professor, French and Francophone Studies Program, Sewanee: The University of the South.

April Stevens (Ph.D. 2014). Instructor of French, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL.

Rachel Pope (née Early) (Ph.D. 2014). Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Houston, TX.

David Mora (Ph.D. 2013). Assistant Professor of French & Spanish, Young Harris College, GA.

Olivia Grenvicz Jones (Ph.D. 2013), Adjunct, French, Middle Tennessee State University; Adjunct, Foreign Language pedagogy, Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN.

Laura Nelson (Ph.D. 2013), Adjunct French Instructor at Middle Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN.

Eva Dessein (Ph.D. 2012), Curriculum Evaluator for the Language Schools, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT.

Daniel Ridge (Ph.D. 2012), Editor/Publisher,  Emerald Publishing, Cambridge, MA.

Louis Betty (Ph.D. 2011), Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Whitewater, WI.

Rachel Nisselson (Ph.D. 2010), Chair, Modern & Classical Languages, Loomis Chaffee School, Windsor, CT.

Leah Lyons (Ph.D. 2007), Associate Professor, French; Director of M.A. in Liberal Arts; Coordinator of Humanities Minor, Middle Tennessee State University,  Murfreesboro, TN.

Shirin Edwin (Ph.D. 2005), Associate Professor of French, Sam Houston State University,  Huntsville, TX.

Julie Huntington (Ph.D. 2005), Associate Professor, French, Marymount Manhattan College, New York City, NY.

Bérénice Le Marchand (Ph.D. 2004), Associate Professor, French, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.

Heather Garrett-Pelletier (Ph.D. 2004). Lecturer, French, University of Texas, Austin, TX.

Alistaire Tallent (Ph.D. 2004), Associate Professor, French, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO.

Deborah Barnard (Ph.D. 2003), Associate Professor, French, Tennessee Tech. University, Cookeville, TN.

Cécile Guillard (Ph.D. 2002), translator residing in Brest, France

Lara Semones (Ph.D. 2001), Senior Product Manager, World Languages, Cengage Learning

Christie St. John (Ph.D. 1999), Director of Admissions, Vanderbilt Owen School of Management, Nashville, TN.

Amy Tondu, (Ph.D. 1999) Assistant Director, Middlebury College School in France

Amanda Brooks (Ph.D. 1996) Co-founder, STEMbrite LLC.

Lara Mangiafico (Ph.D. 1996),  French Language Acquisition author/French teacher, Maryland

Cheryl Brown (Ph.D. 1994), Professor of French, Belmont University

Elizabeth New Seitz, (Ph.D. 1994), founder of French Affaires

Della Goavec (Ph.D. 1993) Professor of French, U. of Central Missouri

Valery Prill (Ph.D. 1993) Professor of French, Assistant to the Provost, Lipscomb University

Reed, Kim (Ph.D. 1993), Professor of French, Lipscomb University

Guy Spielmann (Ph.D. 1993), Associate Professor of French, Georgetown University

Robert Daniel (Ph.D. 1992) Chair, Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Saint Joseph’s U.

Kasongo Mulenda Kapanga (Ph.D. 1992), Associate Professor of French, U. of Richmond

Dana Kress (Ph.D. 1992), Professor of French,Chair of Foreign Language Department, Centenary College of Louisiana

Karen Sorenson (Ph.D. 1992), Professor of French, Austin Peay State University

Khama-Bassili Tolo (Ph.D. 1989), Associate Professor of French, Dept. of Modern & Classical Languages, U. of Wyoming

Murutamanga Kabahita (Ph.D. 1986), French teacher, The Potomac School

Graham Robb (PhD ), Author, historian, French literary critic Wikipedia site