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Fellowship Opportunities

Dean of Libraries, Fellowship Opportunity

Dean’s Fellow Project:

Illustrated Editions of Les Fleurs du Mal (1857) by Charles Baudelaire

Description: The W. T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies is a world renowned library collection dedicated to the study of the 19th century French poet, Charles Baudelaire. Scholars come from all over the world to consult material about Charles Baudelaire’s life, works, and related studies. The collection is “a jewel in the Vanderbilt crown” as described by a former director of the Center. The Bandy Center has developed an increasing web presence to address the needs of national and international scholarship. Les Fleurs du Mal, Baudelaire’s most significant literary contribution, has inspired visual artists, from the 19th century to the present. There have been many important illustrated editions that complement the poetry of Baudelaire. The Bandy Center’s collection includes examples of artists’ books and illustrated editions of Les Fleurs du Mal. The participant in this project will become familiar with the work of Charles Baudelaire, the comprehensive collection of the library, and the importance of Livre d’Artiste and artist’s books. The Dean’s Fellow would also learn the important components of organizing a web exhibition for the Vanderbilt community.

Duties: The Bandy Center is interested in a student who would identify and compile a comprehensive annotated bibliography for the illustrated editions of Les Fleurs du Mal. The student would research the editions’ artists and illustrators, and photograph and scan the selected examples for each edition for the web presence. This online exhibition and bibliography would be useful to national and international scholars.

Skills Needed Or To Be Developed: The annotated bibliography requires a working knowledge to create a Word document and basic visual analysis skills. The student will need research skills to gather information about the illustrator and the editions, addressing the relationship between the visual and literary arts. The technical skills of photography, scanning, and documenting objective data will complement the intellectual work of annotation, when developed for the web exhibition.

Mentors: Yvonne Boyer (and Celia Walker, Carla Beals and Henry Shipman, for the website exhibition)

Dates of Employment: Fall 2013/Spring 2014

Potential Candidates: Students interested in French literature, illustrated editions, and web exhibitions. Undergraduate with French language skills; conceptual understanding of database web applications, ability to produce metadata for description and search, design skills for usable and accessible web exhibition.

Contact: Yvonne Boyer