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Quebec Roots Band, Genticorum, performs at Vanderbilt in Sarratt Cinema, Monday, Oct 30, 2017 at 8 PM

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Quebec Roots Band, Genticorum

Monday, Oct 30, 2017

 8:00 PM

 Sarratt Cinema


For more than a decade, Genticorum (  has been a fixture on the international world, traditional, folk & Celtic music circuit. Firmly rooted in the soil of their native Quebec, this dynamic trio incorporates today’s North American and European folk cultures into their music. They weave precise and intricate lines on fiddle and flute, call and response songs and achingly beautiful a capella songs in French, effervescent foot percussion and guitar and bass accompaniment into a big and jubilant musical feast. We are thrilled to welcome them to Vanderbilt for what will be an unforgettable night.Free Admission. For more info:


Watch a performance of the band here