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Robert Barsky’s New Novel is Hatched

Posted by on Thursday, August 25, 2016 in Uncategorized.



Robert F. Barsky has published his first novel, Hatched.  It is available in paperback on Amazon.

A well-respected chef in New York City has decided to fulfill a lifelong dream, to open a restaurant that is devoted entirely to “eggy” creations in the smart Wall Street area of the City. Working with an inspired architect, John erects his restaurant in the shape of a Fabergé egg, modeled after those remarkable masterpieces that were offered each year by the Czar to his beloved wife in the years leading up to the Russian Revolution. Fabergé Restaurant becomes ‘the’ destination for the wealthiest of NYC clients, but it’s also the place where a plan is Hatched by three former college roommates to counterfeit billions of dollars and shake the United States economy to its very yolk. A rollicking novel filled with intrigue, passion and voluptuous egg recipes, Hatched is a sumptuous treat.