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April 2013 Conference “Cultural Modernism in the Americas I: Québec” at the W. T. Bandy Center

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April the 18th and 19th

A two-day international conference will be held in the W. T. Bandy Center (in the Central Library). Guests from Québec and Canada will be speaking in French and English about the emergence of modernity in Québec and the ways in which this process was influenced by French modernism. Several speakers will be discussing the particular influence of Baudelaire in Québec, while others will be treating poetry and literature of the 19th and 20th century.





Thursday April 18th

Session I (9am-10:30)

Opening Remarks: Robert Barsky

1)     Daniel Ridge (Vanderbilt University), Paul Bourget and La Nouvelle France (English)

2)     Robert Barsky (Vanderbilt University), Dirt, Filth and Matter Out of Place: Baudelaire’s Legacy in the Trial of the Québécois artist Remy Couture (English)

3)     Gary Wihl (Washington University in St. Louis), The Modern Definition of National Literature (English)

Coffee Pause (10:30-11)

Session II (11am-12:30)

1)     Nelson Charest (The University of Ottawa), L’“américanisme” de Baudelaire chez les poètes québécois au tournant du XXe siècle (French, will use power point)

2)     Cynthia Harvey (L’Université du Québec), Le récit des Fleurs du Mal ou la métamorphose du vampire (French)

3)     Benoît Houzé (Paris VIII University), Moderne par tradition: Nelligan et les synesthésies (French)

Lunch (12:30-2pm)

Session III (2pm-3:30pm)

1)     Michel Pierssens (Université de Montréal), L’Écho des jeunes et la première modernité québecoise (French)

2)     Nathalie Watteyne (Université de Sherbrooke), Saint-Denys Garneau, Anne Hébert et Jacques Brault: trois grands poètes québecois lecteurs de Baudelaire (French)

3)     Antoine Boisclair (Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf), Héritages de Mallarmé. Modernité de Paul Morin et de René Chopin (French)

Closing Discussion (3:30-4pm)

Evening Events

5:30 Senior Graduation Event, French Department, hors d’œuvres, drinks

7pm Dinner at West House, in the Commons


Friday 19 April

Coffee/Drinks 10am-10:15

Round Table Discussion, Recorded Response (10:15-12:30)

Lunch (12:30-2pm)

Round Table Discussion, Recorded Responses (2pm-4pm)

Evening Events

Free for dinner

7:30 Company Rose dance performance, Neuhoff Center, Germantown

Printable Program