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Jean-Luc Marion Lecture: April 26-27, 2012

Posted by on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 in conferences.

Jean-Luc Marion will be given a lecture co-sponsored by the Department of French and Italian, Vanderbilt University on April 26 and 27, 2012. More information about his lecture will be forthcoming.

Professor Marion studies both the history of modern philosophy and contemporary phenomenology. In the former field, he has published several books on Descartes’ ontology, rational theology, and metaphysics, focusing especially on medieval sources and using modern patterns of interpretation. In the latter field, he is pursuing a long-term inquiry into the question of God, as in The Idol and Distance and God without Being. Finally, he initiated a phenomenology of givenness in Reduction and Givenness.

Professor Marion is currently working on a last study devoted to deconstructing the myth of Cartesian dualism: Sur la pensée passive de Descartes, awarded with the 1992 Grand Prix de Philosophie de l’Académie Française, and the 2008 Karl Jaspers Preis. Professor Marion has also worked in the areas of Greek and Latin patristics, the history of medieval and modern philosophy, aesthetics, and constructive theology.