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Honors Program

2017-2018 Honors in English Application

The Honors Program offers to qualified majors the opportunity to pursue advanced studies that culminate in the writing of a senior thesis. The thesis may be a critical, creative, or hybrid project. Students who write the thesis and who successfully complete the other Honors requirements may graduate with Honors or High Honors in English. Students interested in writing a senior Honors thesis should enroll in at least one Honors section by the end of their junior year.

Requirements for Honors in English

To graduate with Honors in English, students must:

  • Complete all of the requirements of the English major with at least six credit hours in Honors seminars. With permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies, a graduate seminar or an advanced seminar in a study abroad program may be substituted for one Honors seminar.
  • Be admitted to the Honors Program in the Spring of the junior year.
  • In the senior year, complete English 4998- Honors Colloquium [3 credit hours] and write a thesis in English 4999- Honors Thesis [3 credit hours].
  • Maintain at least a 3.4 grade point average overall and a 3.6 grade point average in the major.

English and Secondary Education double majors who would like to consider the Honors Program should consult with the English Department's Director of Undergraduate Studies, Julia Fesmire.

Honors Seminars

The Department of English generally offers several Honors seminars each semester in its schedule of courses. Honors seminars are open to any student who has completed the college writing requirement and who has at least a grade point average of 3.4. It is strongly suggested that students interested in applying to the Honors Program take at least one Honors seminar in their junior year.

Honors seminars fulfill the same requirements as regular sections of those courses. Students who have taken either the Honors or the regular version of a course may not enroll in the other version for credit. Many students take these more advanced seminars even if they do not intend to enroll in the Honors Program.

For current Honors section offerings, see below.

Senior Year Honors Curriculum

English 4998 - Honors Colloquium

is a 3 hour course with the Director of the Honors Program, Teresa Goddu, taken in the fall semester. It features shared readings, which vary from year-to-year, and includes discussion of critical approaches, research methods, and the selection of thesis topics. This course will count toward the standard major should a student drop out of the Honors Program. The Honors Program Director, in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, may deny a student admission to English 4999- Honors Thesis if the student has not made sufficient progress in English 4998.

English 4999 - Honors Thesis

is a 3 hour independent study course in which the student writes their Honors Thesis. It represents an additional 3 hours of work for any major. Students are placed in semester-long writing groups that meet regularly.

The thesis is supervised by the Director of the Honors Program, Teresa Goddu, and a second adviser appointed from the English Department. The thesis is due in early April and is ordinarily 40-80 pages in length. It is assessed by a committee, consisting of the Honors Program Director, the appointed adviser, and an additional faculty reader. The oral examination is on the subject area of the thesis and is administered by the same committee.

Spring 2017 Honors Seminars:

English 3650.01 - Ethnic American Literature
Candice Amich
MWF 11:10-12:00

English 3734.01 - Literature and Law
Mark Schoenfield
TR 1:10-2:25

Fall 2017 Honors Seminars:

English 3640 - Modern British and American Poetry
Mark Jarman
MWF, 1:10 - 2:00 PM

English 3894 - Major Figures in Literature: Toni Morrison
Hortense Spillers
TR, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

(tentative) Spring 2018 Honors Seminars: English 2319 - World Literature, Modern

English 2319 - World Literature, Modern
Julia Fesmire

English 3726 - New Media
Haerin Shin