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Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Lecture Series

Each fall, typically in October, English Department graduate students invite a prominent, early-career scholar to the Vanderbilt campus to lead over the course of about two days a series of events, including one to two graduate student workshops focused largely on areas of pedagogy and professionalization, a public lecture on the scholar’s own research, and casual outings with small groups of graduate students. The series is designed to open up conversations about new scholarship while also contributing to graduate student career development.

Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Scholars:

2018 - Professor La Marr Jurelle Bruce, University of Maryland, College Park: "How to Go Mad Without Losing Your Mind: Toward a Mad Methodology"

2017 - Professor Mathias Nilges, St. Francis Xavier University:  "The Novel of the Long Now"

2016 - Professor Sami Schalk, State University of New York, Albany:  "Black Women's Speculative Fiction and the Deconstruction of Able-Mindedness"

2015 - Professor Soyica Colbert, Georgetown University:  "Framing Black Women's Performance:  Venus, Beyonce, and The Couple in the Cage" 

2014 - Professor Eve Dunbar, Vassar College:  "Monstrous Work:  Zora Neale Hurston, Zombies, and the Art of Critiquing the Academy"