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The Doctoral Program: Information, Guidelines, and Policies

The Department of English offers the following degrees: Master of Arts (usually in route to Ph.D.) and Doctor of Philosophy. This Doctoral Program Overview offers a snapshot: Post-2017 Program "New Doctoral Program Timeline for Cohorts 2017 Forward" and Pre-2017 Program "Current Doctoral Program Overview".

The links below offer a detailed account of the Doctoral Program in English, from coursework to M.A. thesis, to dissertation requirements. These general procedures and guidelines are designed to be of use to graduate students, faculty, and prospective students. The information includes the following:    

  1. Program Administration
  2. Master of Arts Degree
  3. Post-2017 Doctor of Philosophy Degree
  4. Grades  
  5. Part-Time Status
  6. Leaves of Absence  
  7. Funding
  8. Departmental Awards
  9. The Writing Studio
  10. Cinema and Media Analysis Program (CMAP)
  11. Digital Humanities
  12. Professionalization
  13. Certificate Programs 
  14. Job Placement
  15. Computing Resources