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Books by Vanderbilt PhDs

Anderson, Thomas (2002)

  • Performing Early Modern Trauma from Shakespeare to Milton, Ashgate Press, 2006

Bost, Suzanne (1997)

  • Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature. Ed. with Frances R. Aparicio, Routledge, 2012
  • Encarnacion: Illness and Body Politics in Chicana Feminist Literature, Fordham University Press, 2009
  • Mulattas and Mestizas: Representing Mixed Identities in the Americas, 1850-2000, University of Georgia Press, 2005

Croker, Holly (1999)

  • Medieval Literature: Criticism and Debates. Ed. with Vance Smith, Routledge, 2014
  • Comic Provocations: Exposing the Corpus of Old French Fabliaux, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006

Ellis, Juniper (1997)

  • Tattooing the World, Pacific Designs in Print and Skin, Columbia University Press, 2008

Epstein, Josh (2008)

  • Sublime Noise: Musical Culture and the Modernist Writer, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014

Haddox, Thomas (2000)

  • Fears and Fascinations: Representing Catholicism in the American South, Fordham University Press, 2005

Hipp, Daniel (1998)

  • The Poetry of Shell Shock: Wartime Trauma and Healing in Wilfred Owen, Ivor Gurney, and Siegfried  Sassoon, McFarland, 2005

Koenigsberger, Kurt (1999)

  • The Novel and the Menagerie: Totality, Englishness, and Empire, Ohio State University Press, 2006

McGraw, Eliza R.L. (1999)

  • Two Covenants: Representations of Southern Jewishness, Louisiana State University Press, 2005

Nel, Philip (1997)

  • Was the Cat in the Hat Black?:  The Hidden Racism of Children's Literature, and the Need for Diverse Books.   New York and London:  Oxford UP, 2017
  • Crockett Johnson's Barnaby, Volume Three:  1946-1947, Ed. with Eric Reynolds.  Seattle, WA:  Fantagraphics Books, 2016
  • Crockett Johnson's Barnaby, Volume Two: 1944-1945, Ed. with Eric Reynolds, Fantagraphics, 2014
  • Crockett Johnson's Barnaby, Volume One: 1942-1943, Ed. with Eric Reynolds, Fantagraphics, 2013
  • Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss: How and Unlikely Couple Found Love, Dodged the FBI, and  Transformed Children's Literature, University Press of Mississippi, 2012
  • Keywords for Children's Literature, Ed. with Lissa Paul, New York University Press
  • Tales for Little Rebels: A Collection of Radical Children's Literature, Ed. with Julia Mickenberg, New York  University Press, 2008
  • The Annotated Cat: Under the Hats of Seuss and His Cats, Random House, 2007
  • Dr. Seuss: American Icon, Continuum, 2004
  • The Avant-Garde and American Postmodernity: Small Incisive Shocks, University Press of Mississippi, 2002
  • J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Novels: A Reader's Guide, Continuum, 2001

Patterson, Laura (2001)

  • Stirring the Pot: The Kitchen and Domesticity in the Fiction of Southern Women, McFarland, 2008

Phillips, Philip (1996)

  • A Companion to Boethius in the Middle Ages, Ed. with Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr., Brill, 2012
  • New Directions in Boethian Studies, Ed. with Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr., Medieval Institute Publications, 2007
  • John Milton's Epic Invocations, Peter Lang, 2000

Piepmeier, Alison (1999)

  • Out in Public: Configurations of Women's Bodies in Nineteenth-Century America, University of North  Carolina Press

Richards, Gary (1996)

  • Lovers and Beloveds: Sexual Otherness in Southern Fiction, 1936-1961, Louisiana State University Press,  2005

Seymour, Nicole (2008)

  • Strange Natures: Futurity, Empathy, and the Queer Ecological Imagination, University of Illinois Press, 2013

Shelton, Jennifer (1995)

  • Joyce and the Narrative Structure of Incest, University Press of Florida, 2006

Wilson, Anthony (2002)

  • Shadow and Shelter: The Swamp in Southern Culture, University Press of Mississippi, 2006