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Wollaeger and Eatough book subject of special Literary Compass issue

global modernisms
 Scholars are invited not only to read but also to join the conversation.   That is, in addition to simply publishing the contributors' responses to the collection, Literature Compass invites readers to post their comments, engaging with the special-issue responses specifically, as well as with the collection.  Wiley-Blackwell has agreed to make access to the essays and blog conversation free and open to the public, a reflection of their excitement about the conversation that they hope to foster.

Here is the link to the special issue:   The issue includes an introduction to frame the discussion as well as responses from   Professors Supriya Chaudhuri, Ellleke Boehmer, Steven Yao, Paul Young (Exeter, UK), Ning Wang, and Katie Trumpener.  This week, they invite dialogue specifically on Professor Chaudhuri's essay. Once you open the essay, you will see the "Comments" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
This conversation will continue until all six response essays have been featured,  one week for each (in the order in which the authors are listed above and published on the site). 
This well-deserved attention reflect the significant achieve of this remarkable volume.