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Immersion in English


Why Immersion in English?

An immersion sequence that includes courses and/or projects in English will foster innovative thinking about contemporary and historical cultural problems, unleash your inner artist, enable you to explore the great difference that story-telling makes across other disciplines, provide the opportunity to develop professional and practical skills through outside-the-box problem solving strategies, and ensure an unforgettable intellectual experience.


Immersion Vanderbilt


What Kind of Classes and Projects Will I Complete As Part of an English Immersion Experience?

You will design your own immersion experience as a combination of courses and an individual project (see the Office of Immersion Resources website for complete information). Below are some immersion suggestions that English faculty think you might find interesting, but remember that you are in charge of your immersion experience!

From the Mind to the Page Immersion

  A three-part immersion sequence in which the student shepherds a piece of writing (critical or creative) through the production process, culminating in a chapbook of the student’s writing.

Critical and Creative Lyric Immersion

  Two courses in critical or creative expression with a public performance as the culminating project.

Oral History Immersion

  At least one course in Oral History and a final project that involves the collection and presentation of oral histories.

Shakespeare, Theater, and Renaissance Culture

  Two courses in Shakespeare and/or Renaissance drama in English, History, or Theatre Studies culminating in a Maymester in London/Stratford/Edinburgh that involves archival research and attending theatrical performances.


More specific information about immersion opportunities in English will be available in early August.

Questions? Contact Professor Elizabeth Meadows.