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Transfer Credit

Students in good standing in the College may receive transfer credit for no more than two courses taken during the summer at another accredited four-year college. Such courses cannot fulfill AXLE requirements, count as part of the last 30 hours in residence, or be taken for repeat credit or on a Pass/Fail basis.

Get approval for courses to be taken in the summer for transfer credit before the registration for fall courses in March. With approval in place, the courses planned for summer will stand temporarily as prerequisites for fall courses to allow registration in them. If the transfer credit isn't completed, registration in the courses that require the prerequisites will be withdrawn by the Registrar.

Get approval before taking a course. Here is the Dean’s Office’s instructions:

Economics courses offered by accredited four-year colleges usually transfer but not when offered online. The Dean’s office has a form to bring to the Directors of Undergraduate Studies in each discipline to evaluate individual courses. Please provide descriptions of the courses with their prerequisites. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Most courses in economics are readily creditable. They need not have a counterpart at Vanderbilt. Indeed, avoid courses elsewhere that overlap substantially with Vanderbilt courses that you have taken or plan to take in the future.
  2. No credit for online courses (or distance learning or hybrid courses).
  3. Courses that have principles of economics as prerequisites will usually transfer as ECON electives below 3000. Courses that have an intermediate economic theory course as a prerequisite will usually transfer as an ECON elective over 3000.
  4. To transfer as equivalent to Econ 1500, 1510, 3010, or 3020, a course taken elsewhere must require at least one semester of calculus.To transfer as equivalent to Econ 3012, 3022, 3032, or 3025, a course taken elsewhere must require at least two semesters of calculus.
  5. See the Office of Managerial Studies, 215 Calhoun Hall, for approval of transfer credit in managerial studies including accounting and finance.