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Study Abroad

About half of the economics majors study aboard during their undergraduate career. Some economics courses offered by these programs may be counted for credit in this Department but others cannot. Students who want to enroll in Vanderbilt programs should consult the Global Education Office (GEO) at 115 Student Life.

Courses with a principles of economics course as a prerequisite will usually count as ECON 2050, an elective at the 2000-level with no match at Vanderbilt. Courses with an intermediate economic theory course as a prerequisite will usually count as ECON 2060, an ECON elective at the 3000-level with no exact match at Vanderbilt. To transfer as equivalent to ECON 1500, 3010, or 3020, a course must have a term of calculus as a prerequisite. Formal evaluation of courses for credit is managed by the GEO and the A&S Dean's office.

Students wishing to study abroad through non-Vanderbilt sponsored programs (not administered by our Global Education Office) must petition the A&S Committee on Individual Programs to approve such requests.  For example, the Committee may approve such study when it presents a unique opportunity to enhance the academic content of a student's major or minor.  Students may ask for a statement from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in their major or minor department, which should include an indication of whether the proposed study is beyond what is available via programs offered through GEO.  See Dean Yollette Jones at 350 Buttrick for more information.  Summer work elsewhere does not require review by the Committee.

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