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Economics Major


The Economics staff are working remotely through the Fall.  To declare a major or minor, please email Margaret Fergus.  She will send you the form and walk you through the process.

Explanatory charts here.

[If you matriculated at Vanderbilt PRIOR TO August 2018, go HERE for requirements.]

For students (including transfer students) who matriculate at Vanderbilt  in August 2018 and thereafter, the Economics major has the following requirements.

* Calculus (MATH 1201 or MATH 1301 required; more recommended)

Core Courses (18 hours)
* ECON 1010
* ECON 1020
* ECON 1500 or ECON 1510
* ECON 3012
* ECON 3022
* ECON 3032 or ECON 3035.

Elective Courses (15 hours)
* No credit for ECON 3010 or 3020.
* 15 credit hours of economics courses (ECON 1111 F will count as an elective here).
* At least 9 hours of courses numbered above 3035--all 15 hours of ECON electives may be above 3035
* No more than 3 hours of independent study (except honors students).
* There are two alternatives to ECON 1500 or ECON 1510:

Option 1: MATH 2820L, MATH 2810
Option 2: MATH 2820L, MATH 2820

Complete the form below, meet with your faculty adviser in economics (come to 415 Calhoun to get an adviser), and take the form to 350 Buttrick Hall. The Department of Economics does not require a copy of the form.  We rely on YES. 

Declaration of Majors pdf form

General Requirements for Class Standing and Graduation in Arts & Sciences

The outline of requirements below applies to students in Arts & Science.  Students in the other colleges follow their college’s general requirements. See the Academic Regulations in the A&S portion of the Undergraduate Catalog for the definitive statement of the rules.

To remain in good academic standing, a full-time student should earn at least 12 credit hours in each semester with a minimum GPA of 1.500.  If a student falls below either of these standards, he or she will be placed on academic probation.

A full-time student should achieve standing for the next year of study at the end of each year.  Failure to achieve class standing typically means a student will be on academic probation and required to study at Vanderbilt in the summer. Failure to achieve class standing by the end of the summer will typically mean a student is dropped from the University. The Administrative Committee of the Arts & Science faculty oversees this process.

Sophomore standing  requires: completion of 24 credit hours, a GPA of at least 1.800, completion of two regular semesters, and completion a first-year writing seminar.

Junior standing requires:  completion of 54 credit hours, a GPA of at least 1.900, completion of four regular semesters, and completion of a 100-level W (writing) course.

Senior standing requires: completion of 84 credit hours, a GPA of at least 2.000, and completion of six regular semesters.

Graduation requires completion of 120 credit hours, a GPA of at least 2.000 overall, a GPA of at least 2.000 in all courses taken in the major discipline, and completion of the AXLE requirements. Arts & Science students must complete at least 102 credit hours in A&S or, with an approved second major in another college at Vanderbilt, at least 90 credit hours in A&S.