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Independent Study

Occasionally a student and faculty member pursue a subject in more depth than is appropriate in a regular course. Independent study courses are available for this purpose, primarily for juniors and seniors. There is no guarantee that a specific independent study will be possible at any given time.

  1. Normally, a student should have taken a regular course relevant to the topic—indeed, topics often arise from regular courses.
  2. A student should prepare an outline of the proposed study.
  3. By the tenth day after classes begin, a Study Plan Form, signed by the supervising faculty member who is currently teaching economics courses at Vanderbilt and approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, must be submitted to the Department main office, 415 Calhoun.
  4. Any student whose Study Plan is not approved by the Department by the tenth day of classes will be reported as “enrolled, but not attending” and will be dropped by the Registrar from enrollment in independent study.
  5. An independent study course should result in a written report or paper(s) each semester a project is pursued. Two copies must be prepared and submitted, one for the supervising faculty member and one for the Department's main office, before the final grade in the course can be reported.

Complete the form linked here online and then print it out to gather the signature of the supervising faculty member and the Director of Undergraduate studies, in that order. Take the completed and signed form to the Economics Department office, 415 Calhoun, well before the end of the change period.