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Archived Honors Theses

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Senior Honors Theses 2015

Aaron R. Grau
Are College Football Coaches Efficiently Compensated?
John Vrooman, advisor

Richard A. McQueary
The Lucas Paradox Revisited: Tracking the Returns to Capital across the Development Spectrum
Mario Crucini, advisor

Macauley C. Muir
Two-Sided Uncertainty in a Sequential Auction: A Model of Farmer-Intermediary Coffee Trade in Rural Guatemala
Joel Rodrigue, advisor

Spencer M. Nederhood
Differences in Learning: A Study of Learning-by-Exporting Across Heterogeneous Firms
Joel Rodrigue, advisor

Yiling (Irene) Zhong
Central Bank Balance Sheets and Inflation Expectations
Greg Huffman, advisor

Senior Honors Theses 2014

Ian Duncan
Network Theory Applied in the Voluntary Contributions Game
Myrna Wooders and Eugene Vorobeychik,advisors

Blake Thompson
Economics of Walking and Obesity
Peter Savelyev and Federico Guiterrez, advisors

Thomas Choate
Partisanship in Legislative Bargaining
John Weymark and Alan Wiseman (Political Science), advisors

Martha Babbitt
The Role of French Language Proficiency in the Social Integration of France’s Immigrant Populations
Kathryn Anderson and Alejandro Molnar, advisors

Caroline Gieryn
Why Do Investment Banks Continue To Fail?
Jeremy Atack and Peter Rousseau, advisors

Tyler Huber
Rating Changes and Sovereign Bond Yields
Mario Crucini and David Parsley, advisors

Darien Paone
An analysis of the relationship between LASIK surgery and the popularity of ophthalmology as a specialty choice for medical students
Malcolm Getz and Kitt Carpenter, advisors

Betsy Thorne
The Healthcare Costs of Smoking
Christina Rennhoff and Kip Viscusi, advisors

Senior Honors Theses 2013

James D. Eubanks
Improving Fuel Economy Through Subsidies: Evidence from Cash for Clunkers
Mario Crucini, advisor

Mihir Gandhi
Market Structure, Preferential Trade Agreements, and Multilateral Tariff Cooperation
Kamal Saggi, advisor

Richard Shi
Welfare Implications of U.S. Ethanol and Motor Fuel Policies
Malcom Getz, advisor

Aiday Sikhova
Causes of Trade Collapse and Recovery During the Great Depression
Eric Bond, advisor

Alison Yuen
The Greek Debt Crisis: An Economic Analysis of Policy and Structural Antecedents
Kathryn Anderson, advisor

Senior Honors Theses 2012

Chloe Xiaoyu Qi
An Extensive Social Choice Characterization of the Michod Measure of Group Fitness
John Weymark and Quan Wen, advisors

Xiqiao Chen
Gender Wage Gap in China from 1989-2009
Andrea Moro and Peter Savelyev, advisors

Spencer Barrett
Specialty Choice Among Physicians
Christina Rennhoff and Frederico Gutierrez, advisors

Senior Honors Theses 2011

Sarah Brand
Institutions and Sectoral Diversification in Botswana
Ben Zissimos, advisor

William Johnson
Trade Liberalization and Interindustry Reallocation in Indonesia
Joel Rodrigue, advisor

David Schenck
Monetary Regimes and Inflation
Diana Weymark, advisor

Jean Xiao
A Signaling Model of a Lawyer with Private Information About Her Talent
Jennifer Reinganum and Andrew Daughety, advisors

Senior Honors Theses 2010

Chris Bartenstein
Federal Farm Subsidies and Agricultural Industrialization
John Siegfried, advisor

Zachary Carmichael
Exploring The Determinants Of Rising Almond Pollination Fees In The United States
Diana Weymark, advisor

Jordan Fixler
Does the term structure of corporate interest rates predict business cycle turning points?
Ben Eden, advisor

Risa Kavalerchik
An Analysis of the Random Walk Hypothesis based on Stock Prices, Dividends, and Earnings
Peter Rousseau, advisor

Mallory Mahan
A Corporate Buy-American Subsidy and Firm Location Decision
Joel Rodrique, advisor

Tristan Potter
The Distributive Impact of Tariff Policy During the Interwar Period
Mario Crucini, advisor

Ryan Stewart
Early Voting Reform: Implications for Turnout and Composition of the Electorate
Chris Bennett, and Greer, advisor

Alan Sun
The Cost of Undergraduate Housing
Malcolm Getz, advisor

Shane Svenspladsen
The Equity Premium Puzzle and the Effect of Distributional Uncertainty
Chris Bennett, advisor

Senior Honors Theses 2009

Ruby Kwak
The Relative Role of Public and Private Health Expenditure for Economic Growth: A Solow Growth Model Expansion
Kevin Huang, advisor

Jonathan Lee
Private Filesharing Markets and Album Sales
Tong Li, advisor

Graham MacDonald
Exploring Irrational Expectations: Macroeconomic Factors in the Housing Boom
Jeremy Atack, advisor

Chester Polson
Making Money Grow on Trees: Forest Policy in Light of a Carbon Tax
Malcolm Getz, advisor

Houston Shaner
A Laboratory Evaluation of Partner Selection in Group Lending Models
Myrna Wooders, advisor

Collette Wheeler
Obtaining Directional Signals on Future Exchange Rate Movements
Suhas Ketkar, advisor

Noel Whitehurst
High School Curricular Differences’ Effects: A Look at the NELS88
William Collins, advisor

Senior Honors Theses 2008

Thomas Gutman
The Uniformity of Immigration's Effect on Wages
Stephen Buckles, advisor

William Slater
Effects of Exchange Rate Regime Choice on European Union Business Cycles
Mario Crucini, advisor

Jed Goldberg
Institutionalized Uncertainty and Economic Growth During Structural Reform
Jonathan Hiskey, advisor

Jeffrey Moredock
Office Capitalization Rates: The Effects of Interest Rates
Mario Crucini, advisor

Jason Powers
Determinants of Residential Housing Prices and Potential Threats to Price Stability
Malcolm Getz, advisor

Michael Maio
Business Environment and Micro-Finance Performance
Suhas Ketkar, advisor