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Honors Program Eligibility & Requirements

The honors program in economics serves highly motivated students interested in doing independent research.

To be eligible for consideration students should have (items are listed in rough chronology of when they are satisfied):

1. completed two semesters of calculus;
2. completed all 15 hours of courses in the required major core (1010, 1020, 1500, 3010, and 3020) by the end of the fall semester of the junior year;
3. written an honors proposal under the supervision of a faculty advisor by the end of the spring semester of their junior year;
4. have earned an average grade of at least A- in Econ 1500, 3010, and 3020;
5. a minimum GPA of 3.3 overall and in economics;

Requirements of the Honors Program are:

1. 36 hours of work in economics (3 more than the standard major);
2. all 15 hours of required courses for the major (same as the major);
3. 6 hours of regular electives (3 less than the major);
4. 15 hours in Econ above 3000 level (6 more than the major) consisting of the following:

--Econ 3698 Juniors Honors Research with thesis advisor for proposal development (1 hour)
--Econ 3050 Introduction to Econometrics (3 hours)
--Econ 4998, 4999 Senior Thesis ,Independent study with thesis advisor (6 hours, 3 in each of the fall and spring semesters)
--Econ 4981, 4982 Honors Seminar with Honors Director (2 hours, 1 in each of the fall and spring semesters)
5. write a senior thesis, and defend it in an oral examination.

On satisfactory completion of this program, a student will graduate with Honors or with High Honors in economics.

Typical time-line for an Honors student

By the end of the Junior year, students will usually have completed:

1. Econ 3050 (Econometrics);
2. one of the policy seminars;
3. two upper-level economics electives in subjects related to the prospective topic of the student's senior thesis; and
4. one hour of Independent Study (Econ 3698) in which the student writes a detailed prospectus for the thesis under the supervision of an economics faculty member.

During the Senior year, the student's work will include:

1. six-credit hours of Senior Thesis Econ 4998 (fall), 4999 (spring);
2. three credit hours in a final economics elective;
3. two credit hours of Honors Seminar, one hour in each term, Econ 4981 (fall), 4982, (spring);
4. and the oral defense of the completed dissertation (toward the end of spring semester).