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Honors Program Eligibility & Requirements

The honors program in economics serves highly motivated students interested in doing independent research.

Students are eligible to apply for admission into the economics honors program at the end of their junior year, provided they satisfy the following requirements:

1. Completed all 18 hours of economics core courses by the end of their junior year:

ECON 1010 (formerly 100) -Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 1020 (formerly 101) -Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 1500 (formerly 150) -Economic Statistics OR ECON 1510 -Intensive Economic Statistics
ECON 3010 (formerly 231) -Intermediate Microeconomic Theory OR ECON 3012 Microeconomics
ECON 3020 (formerly 232) -Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory OR ECON 3022 –Macroeconomics
ECON 3032 -Applied Econometrics OR ECON 3035 -Econometric Methods;

2. Have earned an average grade of at least A- in ECON 1500 or 1510, 3010 or 3012, and 3020 or 3022;

3. Have written an honors proposal under the supervision of a faculty advisor by the end of the spring semester of their junior year (ECON 3698); the faculty advisor must be willing to continue his/her advising role for the entire senior year or a substitute must be found;

4. Achieved a minimum GPA of 3.3 overall and in economics.

The application is straightforward and consists of: i) a copy of your transcript, ii) your thesis proposal and iii) an email directly to me from your thesis proposal advisor approving the thesis proposal and agreeing to supervise the completion of the research during your senior year. If your faculty advisor is on leave during your senior year or otherwise unable to advise, we should be able to find a substitute with sufficient notice.

To graduate with honors in economics, the students must satisfy all requirement of the economics major, but take the following core curriculum during their senior year:

5. Complete ECON 4981, 4982 Honors Seminar with Honors Director (2 hours, 1 in each of the fall and spring semesters)
6. Complete ECON 4998, 4999 Senior Thesis ,Independent study with thesis advisor (6 hours, 3 in each of the fall and spring semesters);
7. Write a senior thesis, and defend it in an oral examination.

On satisfactory completion of this program, a student will graduate with Honors or with High Honors in Economics.