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Graduate Study in Public Policy

Students pursuing graduate training in public policy should take a variety of upper level courses (those numbered 3000 and above) that relate to policy areas of interest. Econ 3100 Wages, Employment, and Labor Markets, Econ 3200 Public Finance, Econ 3230 Urban Economics, and Econ 4210 Law and Economics are good examples. Participation in the Honors Program (see below) may also develop research skills that are useful in policy careers. Econ 3050 Econometrics may be especially valuable in exploring policy issues.

Students interested in careers in public policy may seek masters degrees in public policy or public administration. Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School, Syracuse’s Maxwell School, and Georgia State’s Andrew Young School, offer such degree programs.

Students interested in international affairs may consider the following courses: Econ 3600 International Trade, Econ 3610 Open Economy Macroeconomics, Econ 3160 Economic History of Europe, and Econ 3650 Development Economics.

Tuft’s Fletcher School, Hopkins’ SAIS, Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, and Kentucky’s Patterson School offer master programs in international relations that may be relevant to careers in diplomacy or international business. Study of foreign languages is essential.