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Graduate Study in Economics

The American Economic Association provides information about graduate study in economics:

Students pursuing graduate training in economics should take a variety of upper level courses (those numbered 3020 and above) to develop skills in economic reasoning and to sample the fields from which they may choose areas of specialization in their graduate training. Participation in the Honors Program is also highly recommended. Econ 3050 econometrics is essential. A graduate-level course in economics taken during the fall of the senior year can indicate aptitude for graduate study and help in gaining admission to a strong graduate program in economics.

Graduate study in economics uses mathematics, particularly the notation and style of proofs found in mathematics. Students must have a good command of calculus [Math 2300], linear algebra [Math 2410 or 2600] and differential equations [Math 2420 or 2610]. Additional mathematics courses in topology [Math 3200 or 4200, 4201] and analysis [Math 3165 and 3100] may be helpful. Math 3640 and 3641 is a sequence in probability theory and statistics that will also be valuable. For information about graduate study, see the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

For more information, see Rupi Saggi, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Calhoun 202.