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Careers & Internships

Economics majors and minors pursue a variety of careers. Most students plan more formal education after their baccalaureate degree, often with a delay of several years. The Center for Student Professional Development is helpful in planning a career, including internships, first jobs, and graduate study.

Internships and Jobs

Experience in an internship can reinforce a career direction or nudge to a different path. In a majority of internships, employers pay their interns. In some cases, employers who don’t pay will insist that a student receive academic credit for the internship. Students should see Dean Yollette Jones (311 Kirkland Hall) for information about academic credit for an interdisciplinary internship course. Not all internship are worthwhile. Students should assess internship opportunities carefully.

Some students are interested in entering employment in financial, consulting, or other service and manufacturing companies. The Managerial Studies  program offers minors of particular interest to students who are interested in the financial services sector, in launching their own businesses, and in employment in other sectors.

The economics programs develop skills in analysis and empirical investigation. These skills are particular valued in a variety of graduate programs. Below are brief notes about four post baccalaureate programs of interest to many economics students. Please see the Center for Student Professional Development  in the Student Life Building for more information.

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Graduate Study in Economics
Graduate Study in Public Policy