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Conference on Econometrics and Models of Strategic Interactions


Vanderbilt University, April 21-22, 2017.  

Organizers:  Tong Li (Vanderbilt) and Andrew Chesher (University College-London)

Conference Schedule

Participants (presenters*):

Gaurab Aryal (University of Virginia)
Christian Bontemps (Toulouse School of Economics)
Brantly Callaway (Temple University)
Andrew Chesher* (UCL), “Generalized Instrumental Variable Models”
Alfred Galichon* (NYU), “Yogurts Choose Consumers? Identification of Random Utility Models via Two-Sided Matching” 
Eric Gautier* (Toulouse School of Economics), “Inference on Social Effects When the Network is Sparse and Unknown”
Matt Gentry* (London School of Economics), “Identification and Estimation in First Price Auctions with Risk Aversion and Selective Entry”
Bryan Graham* (UC Berkeley), “Homephily and Transitivity in Dynamic Network Formulation”
Philip Haile* (Yale),“Common Values, Unobserved heterogeneity, and Endogenous Entry in Oil Lease Auctions”
Sukjin Han* (UT Austin), “Multiple Treatments with Strategic Interaction”
Marc Henry (Penn State)
Han Hong (Stanford)
Bo Honore (Princeton)
Joel Horowitz (Northwestern)
Hide Ichimura (University of Tokyo)
Atsushi Inoue (Vanderbilt)
Brendan Kline* (UT Austin), “Robust Identification in Mechanisms”
Dennis Kristensen (UCL)
Natalia Lazzati (UC Santa Cruz)
Arthur Lewbel* (Boston College), “Keeping up with Peers in India: A New Social Interactions Model of Perceived Needs”
Tong Li* (Vanderbilt), “A Partial Identification Subnetwork Approach to Discrete Games in Large Networks: An Application to Quantifying Peer Effects”
Konrad Menzel* (NYU), “Strategic Network Formulation with Many Agents”
Whitney Newey* (MIT), “Locally Robust Semiparametric Estimation”
Tatsushi Oka (National University of Singapore)
Robert Porter (Northwestern)
John Quah* (John Hopkins), “A Revealed Preference Theory of Monotone Choice and Strategic Complementarity”
Adam Rosen* (Duke), “Incomplete English Auction Models with Heterogeneity”
Pedro Sant'Anna (Vanderbilt)
Yuya Sasaki (Johns Hopkins)
Mototsugu Shintani (Vanderbilt)
Xun Tang* (Rice), “Identification and Estimation of Large Network Games with Private Link Information”
Haiqing Xu (UT Austin)