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New Faculty 2017-2018


Associate Professor Yuya Sasaki comes to us from Johns Hopkins, where he had been since 2012.  He has also held positions at the IMF, the University of Michigan, and Yale University.  He is an econometrician, whose Ph.D. was earned at Brown University in 2012. Professor Sasaki's most recent publications include "Identification of Paired Nonseparable Measurement Error Models" (with Yingyao Hu, forthcoming in Econometric Theory) and "Unequal Spacing in Dynamic Panel Data: Identification and Estimation" (with Yi Xin, published in the Journal of Econometrics in February 2017).  CV


Assistant Professor Michelle Marcus  will complete her Ph.D. from Brown University in May 2017.  Her fields are health  and environmental economics, and applied microeconomics, and her Ph.D. thesis is entitled, "Health Impacts of Environmental Exposure to Toxins."  For 2016-17, she was awarded a Demography Trainee Fellowship from the NICHD at the Population Studies and Training Center at Brown. Professor Marcus will teach the Economics of Health in both Fall and Spring.   CV. 



Assistant Professor Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins completed his Ph.D. from the University of California-Berkeley in 2014. Since then, he has been a Research Affiliate at MIT while simultaneously working as High Meadows Senior Economist at the Environmental Defense Fund. His areas of interest are energy and environmental economics, industrial organization, labor economics, and applied econometrics.  Professor Zaragoza-Watkins has had two papers published (in Energy Policy and the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy).  He will teach Intro to Econometrics in the Fall, and a masters level Econometrics class in the Spring.  CV