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Graduate Student News

econ The Department of Economics has several gift funds that help support the research activities of doctoral students and undergraduate honors students. Other funds support diverse activities within the Department and provide scholarships for students in the Graduate Program in Economic Development.
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The Department makes a number of annual awards to graduate students.  The 2016 winners have been announced.

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Bernes Karacay's paper, "A Dynamic Investment Model Under Time-Inconsistency," has been published by the Bogazici Journal Review of Social, Economic, and Administrative Studies. [4/17]


Emily Lawler's article, "Effectiveness of Vaccination Recommendations versus Mandates: Evidence from the Hepatitis A Vaccine," was recently published in the Journal of Health Economics. [2/17]


Martin Van Der Linden's article, "Fair Social Orderings with Other-Regarding Preferences," co-authored with Benoit Decerf, was published in 2016 in Social Choice and Welfare.

His piece entitled "Betting and Belief: Prediction Markets and Attribution of Climate Change," with Jonathan Gilligan and John Nay, is forthcoming in the Winter Simulation Conference Proceedings. [2/17]


Two Economics PhD students have been awarded Graduate Student Summer Language Training Grants from the College of Arts and Science. Kristine Koutout will attend the Arabic language immersion program at the Qalam Wa Lawh Center in Rabat, Morocco. Trang Hoang will attend an online course on programming and machine learning on Coursera.  Congratulations to them both! [2/17]


Daniel Mangrum's article, co-authored with Professor Alejandro Molnar , was presented by Professor Molnar at an Econometric Society session on Topics in Urban Transportation at the ASSA Conference in Chicago on January 8, 2017. The paper is entitled "The Marginal Congestion of a Taxi in New York City." [2/17]



Rosa Ferrer (Ph.D. '09)was one of eight finalists for the best science of the year prize, awarded by La Vanguardia, a newspaper in Barcelona, and voted by the readers. [2/17]


Dong Cheng presented his paper, entitled "Globalization Boom and Bust: An Study of US Automobile Industry from 1913 to 1940," on November 5, 2016 at the Fall 2016 Midwest Macroeconomics Meeting. The meeting was held by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. This paper is coauthored with Professor Mario J. Crucini (Vanderbilt University), Professor Hyunseung Oh (Vanderbilt University), and Professor Hakan Yilmazkuday (Florida International University). [11/16]


Emily Lawler recently presented two papers at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) Fall Research conference in Washington, D.C. (Nov. 3-5). She presented "Effects of Vaccination Recommendations versus Mandates: Evidence from the hepatitis A Vaccine" and also "Direct and Spillover Effects of Middle School Vaccination Requirements" (the latter is co-authored with Professor Kitt Carpenter). [11/16]


This past summer, Nicholas Holtkamp was accepted to and participated in the New Structural Economics Summer School at Beijing University.  Based on his presentation of a paper entitled "Wages Versus Amenities in the Growth of China's Secondary Industry Employment," he was awarded the Center for New Structural Economics' Special Research Fund. This paper is coauthored with Belton Fleisher (Ohio State University), William McGuire (University of Washington Tacoma) and Yaqin Su (Hunan University). [11/16]

  Lawler Emily Lawler gave a talk based on her paper, "Effectiveness of Vaccination Recommendations versus Mandates: Evidence from the Hepatitis A Vaccine," at the 6th Biennial Conference of the American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon) 2016, which took place in Philadelphia June 12-15, 2016. [8/16]
    We are pleased to announce that we have achieved  100% job placement for our 2016 graduating Ph.D. students. We extend sincere congratulations to them all, and best wishes for exciting and fulfilling careers. 
  award The 2016 Winners of our many departmental awards for graduate students have been announced. Congratulations to all!

After a brief illness, Aster Rutibabalira Adams (PhD, 2008) died on April 16th in Portland, Oregon. Aster was born in Musasa, Rwanda, and first came to Vanderbilt as a master's degree student in the Graduate Program in Economic Development. An advisee of Kathryn Anderson, Aster specialized in utility regulation. Most recently, Aster served as the Administrator of the Oregon Public Utility Commission. He was a board member of Rwanda Women in Action, an Ohio organization that seeks to empower refugee women and their families. Aster is survived by five children and his wife Tatiana.

  Bose Nayana Bose, who earned her Ph.D. from Vanderbilt in 2014, recently accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Scripps College. [3/16]

Van der Linden

Martin Van der Linden's  paper, "Leveling the Playing Field in Jury Selection," has been selected for presentation at GAMES 2016, the 5th World Congress of the Game Theory Society ( /). He is also presenting the paper at the 13th Meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare ( ) and at Western Kentucky University. [3/16]


Francis Ratsimbazafy's  article, co-authored with Professor Alejandro Molnar, was presented by Professor Molnar at the Topics in Transportation Economics session of the American Economics Association conference in San Francisco on January 5, 2016. The paper is entitled "Substituting Bike Rides for Taxi Trips: Evidence from the Launch of the Citibike Program in New York City." [1/16]
  Van der Linden poster for a paper on prediction markets and beliefs about climate, co-authored by   Martin Van der Linden,  was presented at the 2015 American Geophysical Union conference, which took place in San Francisco in December, 2015. The poster has even been tweeted about on social media. [1/16]
  geng-news Difei Geng   has had two articles published in 2015. "Is There a Case for Non-Discrimination in the International Protection of Intellectual Property?" (co-authored with Professor Kamal Saggi) was published in the Journal of International Economics 97 (1), 14-28, 2015. Another paper co-authored with Professor Saggi, "The Nature of Innovative Activity and the Protection of Intellectual Property in Asia," appears is in the Asian Economic Policy Review 10 (1), 71-91, 2015. [12/15]
  manzaneres-news Charlie Manzaneres'   article, "The Tradeoff Between Ex Ante and Ex Post Transaction Costs: Evidence from Legal Opinions," with Benito Arrunada, is forthcoming in the Berkeley Business Law Journal. [12/15]
  tello-news D. Sebastian Tello-Trillo's   "Do Cheeseburger Bills Work? Effect of Tort Reform for Fast Food," co-authored with Professor Kitt Carpenter, is forthcoming in the Journal of Law and Economics. [12/15]
  vanderlinden-news Martin Van der Linden  and co-author Benoit Decerf have an article currently with Springerlink pre-print access in Social Choice and Welfare, entitled "Fair Social Orderings with Other-Regarding Preferences." [12/15]