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Faculty and Departmental News


Kathleen McKiernan was recently interviewed for a piece on the "Voice of America" about Trump the the US Economy. [2/20]


Kevin Huang’s paper “Foreign Exchange Reserves as a Tool for Capital Account Management in a Small Open Economy” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Monetary Economics. The paper is coauthored with former Ph.D. student, Scott Davis, who is currently a senior research economist and adviser at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; Ippei Fujiwara (Keio University and Australian National University); and Jiao Wang (University of Melbourne). [2/20]


Yuya Sasaki has been named a Fellow of the Journal of Econometrics.  He was recognized at the Journal of Econometrics Reception, held in San Diego, CA, in conjunction with the annual ASSA meetings, on Jan. 3, 2020. [1/20]

daughety reinganum  

Andrew Daughety and Jennifer Reinganum had their paper, “Reducing Unjust Convictions:  Plea Bargaining, Trial, and Evidence Disclosure,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization. [1/20]


In recent months, John Weymark has had three articles published in edited volumes.  With Thibault Gajdos (Aix-Marseille University) and Claudio Zoli (University of Verona), he wrote "Feasible Shared Destiny Risk Distributions,''  appearing in Indraneel Dasgupta and Manipushpak Mitra, eds., Deprivation, Inequality and Polarization: Essays in Honour of Satya Ranjan Chakravarty.  With Paul Edelman (Vanderbilt University), he wrote "Unrestricted Domain Extensions of Dominant Strategy Implementable Allocation Functions,'' appearing in Walter Trockel, ed., Social Design: Essays in Memory of Leonid Hurwicz.  With Craig Brett (Mount Allison University), he wrote "Matthews-Moore Single- and Double-Crossing,'' appearing in Jean-François Laslier, Hervé Moulin, Remzi Sanver, and William Zwicker, eds., The Future of Economic Design: The Continuing Development of a Field as Envisioned by Its Researchers.  All three of these volumes are published by Springer. [1/20] 


In October, John Weymark presented his paper, “Strategy-Proof Provision of Multiple Public Goods Without Range Restrictions” (joint with Shigehiro Serizawa, Osaka University), at the Canadian Public Economics Group Meeting held at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. In December, he presented his paper, "The Core of a Transferable Utility Game as the Solution to a Public Good Market Demand Problem” (joint with Paul Edelman, Vanderbilt University, and Martin Van der Linden, Emory University) at the International Conference on Mathematical Optimization for Fair Social Decisions: A Tribute to Michel Balinski held at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique in Paris, France. [12/19]


Yuya Sasaki's paper, entitled "Semiparametric Estimation of The Canonical Permanent-Transitory Model of Earnings Dynamics," joint with Yingyao Hu and Robert Moffitt of Johns Hopkins University, was recently published in Quantitative Economics . [12/19]


Recently Esther Duflo , the 2019 Nobel laureate in Economics, visited Vanderbilt as the Economics Department's Steine lecturer for Fall 2019.  Here is an article about her visit. [11/19]


Yuya Sasaki's paper, entitled "Uniform Confidence Bands for Nonparametric  Errors-in-Variables Regression," joint with Kengo Kata of Cornell University, was recently published in the Journal of Econometrics. [11/19]


Esther Duflo , who will be giving the Steine Lecture in Economics at Vanderbilt on November 14, was just awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics!  She shares the prize with two others, and she is the youngest person ever and only the second woman to win this award.  More information about her Steine Lecture talk, entitled "Good Economics for Hard Times," HERE . [10/19]


Greg Leo's paper, "Room Composition Effects on Risk Taking by Gender," has been accepted for publication by Experimental Economics.  He recently presented another paper, "Second Order Beliefs and Gender," at Villanova University. [10/19]


A Conference on Advances in Econometrics will be held on campus Oct. 11-12, 2019. Contact Tong Li for more information. [10/19]


Mario Crucini presented the paper "Did the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Help Counties Most Affected by the Great Recession?" at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington, DC on September 19th, and at the Department of Economics, Georgetown University on September 20th. The paper is coauthored with former Ph.D. student, Nam Vu , who is currently an Assistant Professor at Miami University of Ohio.  [10/19]