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Faculty and Departmental News

Al   A true friend of the department has left us.  T. Aldrich Finegan, Professor of Economics, Emeritus, died on September 21 at the age of 91.  Please click here to read a remembrance by his colleague, John Siegfried. [9/20]



Quincy   Sarah Quincy, Assistant Professor of Economics, was awarded the 2020 Allan Nevins Prize in American Economic History on September 13 at the annual meeting of the Economic History Association. The Nevins Prize is awarded annually by the EHA on behalf of Columbia University Press for the best dissertation in U.S. or Canadian economic history completed during the previous year. Professor Quincy’s award winning dissertation is entitled “Back to Good Times: The Real Effects of Credit in Great-Depression California." [9/20]
Carpenter   Kitt Carpenter has been named the new Director of the Health Economics Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research.  The announcement is here.  [7/20] 
Vrooman   We are saddened to announce that John Vrooman, Principal Senior Lecturer in Economics, Retired, passed away on Sunday, July 5 from ALS.  Please click here to read a remembrance by his colleague, Bob Driskill. [7/20]

Kitt Carpenter's project, the Vanderbilt LGBT Policy Lab, has received a Vanderbilt Reinvestment Award under the TIPS program for an additional five years of funding.  The LGBT Policy Lab connects interdisciplinary faculty and students who are interested in studying issues impacting the LGBT community. [6/20]


William Collins' research was cited in The Economist and the Wall Street Journal, and he recently participated in a panel discussion on racial disparities in US economic history hosted by the University of Warwick. [6/20]


On June 16, 2020, Kitt Carpenter had a piece published at The Conversation, entitled, "What the Supreme Court's Decision on LGBT Employment Discrimination Will Mean for Transgender Americans."  This article was co-authored by Gilbert Gonzales, Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

The above article is based on a research article that was published earlier this year in Industrial and Labor Relations Review (on which former Vanderbilt Econ Ph.D. student  Sam Eppink (now at the CDC in Atlanta) was coauthor).  Entitled "Transgender Identity, and Socioeconomic Outcomes in the United States," this paper is the first published work on transgender economic outcomes in the US that uses multi-state population representative samples.

Finally, this research was cited in an amicus brief Carpenter co-signed in support of the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case. This brief was cited in the historic June 15 Supreme Court decision.  [6/20]


John Weymark has published (i) "Majority Rule and Selfishly Optimal Nonlinear Income Tax Schedules with Discrete Skill Levels,’’ written with Craig Brett (Economics, Mt. Allison University), in the March 2020 issue of Social Choice and Welfare in memory of Kenneth J. Arrow; (ii) "Legislative Bargaining and Partisan Delegation,” written with Thomas Choate (Political Science, Duke University) and Alan Wiseman (Political Science, Vanderbilt University), in the April 2020 issue of the Journal of Theoretical Politics; and (iii) "Commentary on From Unidimensional to Multidimensional Inequality: A Review” in the April 2020 special issue of Metron, commemorating the 100th anniversary of its founding by Corrado Gini. 

On March 24th, he presented "Market Virtues and Respect for Human Dignity,” written with Luis C. Calderon Gomez (Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLC, New York) and Robert Talisse (Philosophy, Vanderbilt University) as part of the web-based International Conference for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences: Human Dignity and Well-Being, hosted by the Institute for Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo. [6/20]


Lesley Turner's paper, entitled " Where Do Students Go when For-Profit Colleges Lose Federal Aid? " joint with Stephanie R. Cellini (George Washington University) and Rajeev Darolia (University of Kentucky), was recently published in American Economic Journal: Economic Policy . Her paper entitled "Framing Effects, Earnings Expectations, and the Design of Student Loan Repayment Schemes," which is joint with Katharine Abraham, Emel Filiz-Ozbay, and Erkut Ozbay (University of Maryland) was published in the Journal of Public Economics [6/20]


Mario Crucini presented his paper “A Behavioral Explanation for the Puzzling Persistence of the Aggregate Real Exchange Rate,"coauthored with Mototsugu Shintani and Takayuki Tsuruga, at the 5th International Macroeconomics and Finance Conference, "Understanding Exchange Rate Dynamics." The conference was hosted online at Korea University and more than 50 scholars from Korea, Japan, Europe and the US participated. [6/20]


daughety reinganum


Andrew Daughety and Jennifer Reinganum had their paper "Prosecutor Quality, Witness Participation, Crime, and Reform" accepted for publication in the American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. [6/20]


Michelle Marcus published an Econofact article on the implications of disparities in access to health care during Covid-19, which is joint work with Chloe East.  [6/20] 


Sarah Quincy was quoted in this Wall Street Journal article on banker A.P. Gianinin. [6/20] 



Mario Crucini presented the paper "Did the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Help Counties Most Affected by the Great Recession?" via Zoom to economists affiliated in the Department of Economics, at the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway on March 18th, 2020. The paper is coauthored with former Ph.D. student, Nam Vu, who is currently an Assistant Professor at Miami University of Ohio. 

In addition, Professor Crucini’s paper, “Microeconomic Sources of Real Exchange Rate Variation,” has been accepted for publication in the Review of Economic Dynamics. The paper is coauthored with Christopher I. Telmer at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business.  [4/20]