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Faculty and Departmental News

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Michelle Marcus presented her paper, "Testing the Water:  Drinking Water Quality, Public Notification, and School Outcomes," at Miami University (Ohio) recently.  She also spoke with members of Miami's Women in Economics organization. [11/18]


John Weymark presented a keynote address at the Conference on Integrating Philosophical and Economic Perspectives on Well-Being, held at Ohio State University on November 2, 2018. [11/18]


The Fall Steine Lecture in Economics will take place Tuesday, Dec. 5 with Susan Athey of Stanford as speaker.  Details here!


Andrew Goodman-Bacon has been awarded a Dean's Faculty Fellowship for 2019-20.  He will hold the title for two years, and will receive research funding during that time to facilitate work on ongoing projects. [10/18]


Kitt Carpenter has been named Director of Public Policy Studies.  [10/18]


Greg Leo presented his paper, "Complainer's Dilemma" at an invited talk at the University of Delaware on October 12. [10/18]


Yuya Sasaki has received the Econometric Theory Multa Scripsit Award from Cambridge University Press. The Multa Scripsit Award was established by the journal, Econometric Theory to acknowledge the contributions of authors who have moved the subject forward by virtue of their sustained publishing efforts over a period of years. An announcement of the award will be made in an early issue of Econometric Theory in 2019 and on the  Econometric Theory website of Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Core). [10/18]

Sant'Anna Pedro Sant'Anna, who is currently visiting at Yale, has been busy.  In early September, he presented his paper, “Program Evaluation with Right-Censored Data,” at the 2018 CEME conference on Inference on Nonstandard Problems at Duke.  Later in September, he presented “Difference-in-Differences With Multiple Time Periods and an Application on the Minimum Wage and Employment" (joint with Brantly Callaway, who earned his PhD from Vanderbilt and is now at Temple) at Syracuse University.  And on October 3. he presented the same paper at Yale. [10/18] 
Olani Adugna Olani presented his paper, "Capital Flows, Capital Controls and Business Cycles," at the Midwest International Trade Conference, held at Vanderbilt, on October, 6. [10/18]
Saggi K A collection of papers by Kamal Saggi on the economics of the multilateral trading system will be published in November by World Scientific Studies in International Economics (vol. 69). [10/18]
Polborn Mattias Polborn was featured by Vanderbilt for a new mathematical model of political competitiveness he developed with Stefan Krasa, professor of economics at the University of Illinois.   Their paper, Political Competition in Legislative Elections, appears in the American Political Science Review. [10/18]

Hyunseung Oh's paper, "Time to Build and the Real-Options Channel of Residential Investment" (joint with Chamna Yoon of Baruch College), has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Financial Economics. [10/18]


Vanderbilt is hosting the Midwest International Trade and Economic Theory meetings on campus October 5-7, 2018.  Contact Eric Bond for more information. [10/18]

Bond Crucini Rodrigue

Eric Bond, Mario Crucini, Tristan Potter (BA '10) and Joel Rodrigue have published a VOXEU article placing recent tariff policies in historical perspective. [10/18]


John Weymark  presented his paper, “Dominant Strategy Implementation and Zero Length Cycles” (written with Paul Edelman), at the Arne Ryde Conference on Frontiers of Market Design held at Lund University on September 22nd and 23rd. [10/18]


Jeremy Atack was awarded the first-ever “Engerman-Goldin Prize”  by the Economic History Association at its recent annual meetings in Montreal, Canada for his geographic information systems databases detailing the evolution of railroads, canals, and navigable rivers in the United States. The award recognizes “creating, compiling, and sharing data and information with scholars.” These data are available to all on his Vanderbilt faculty web site and from the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan. [9/18]



Mattias Polborn's paper, entitled "Political Competition in Legislative Elections," is forthcoming in the American Political Science Review. [8/18]

Daughety Reinganum

Andrew Daughety’s and Jennifer Reinganum’s paper, “Evidence Suppression by Prosecutors:  Violations of the Brady Rule,” has appeared in the Advance Articles for The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization. [8/18]


Alejandro Molna r presented his paper, "The Marginal Congestion of a Taxi in New York City," at the NBER Summer Institute on July 20, 2018, in a joint session of the Industrial Organization and the IT and Digitization groups. He is scheduled to present the same paper at a "Smart Cities" panel at INFORMS 2018 and at the annual meeting of the Urban Economics Association. The paper is co-authored with Ph.D. candidate Daniel Mangrum. [8/18]