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2017 Faculty News


Oliver Hart, the 2016 Nobel Laureate in Economics, will give the Steine Lecture in Economics on January 29, 2018.  More information on the talk and the speaker is HERE. [12/17]


John Weymark presented his paper, “Partisan Strength and Legislative Bargaining,” at the Millennium Institute for Market Imperfections and Public Policy Workshop on Political Economy and Political Science held in Santiago at the the University of Chile on November 30-December 1, 2017.  This is paper is joint with Thomas Choate (Ph.D. Program in Political Economy, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University) and Alan Wiseman (Department of Poltical Science, Vanderbilt University).  Choate completed an Honors Economics degree at Vanderbilt before going to Stanford for graduate studies. [12/17]


John Weymark presented his paper, “Dominant Strategy Implementation and Zero-Length Cycles” (joint with Paul Edelman), at the CIREQ Montreal Microeconomics Conference held on November 18th and 19th. [11/17]


Kitt Carpenter is Vice President Elect for the Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) Carolyn Heinrich is now immediate Past President. [11/17]


Kitt Carpenter recently gave two keynote speeches at conferences.  In September, he spoke at the Second Annual Federal Behavioral Health Economics and Services Research Meeting at SMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) in Rockville, MD.  His topic was "Regression Discontinuity Designs for Behavioral Health Research." In October, he gave the keynote at the Hamburg Center for Health Economics' Risky Behavior Workshop in Hamburg, Germany, speaking on the topic, "Frontiers in Economics Research on Substance Use." [11/17]


Sebastian Tello-Trillo , who earned his Ph.D. from the Department in 2016, was recently awarded the 2018 John Heinz Dissertation Award from the National Academy of Social Insurance. [10/17]


Kathryn Anderson has been awarded the award for 2017 Kentucky Distinguished Economist by the Kentucky Economic Association.  She received the award in a ceremony in Bowling Green on October 20, 2017. [10/17]


Alejandro Molnar presented his paper, "The Marginal Congestion of a Taxi in New York City" in the Industrial Organization seminar at Northwestern University on October 2, 2017. He is scheduled to present the same paper at the Northwestern University Transportation Center (Oct 26) and at the National University of Singapore (November 15). The paper is co-authored with graduate student Daniel Mangrum. [10/17]

Daughety Reinganum

Andrew Daughety and Jennifer Reinganum  recently presented their paper “Evidence Suppression by Prosecutors: Violations of the Brady Rule” at Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business (Daughety) and Northwestern University’s Law School (Reinganum). [10/17]


An article about new assistant professor Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins appeared recently in Vanderbilt's MyVU news zine. [10/17]


John Weymark presented his paper, "Dominant Strategy Implementability and Zero Length Cycle" (co-authored with Paul Edelman), in the Theory Seminar at the Department of Economics, Johns Hopkins University, on October 2, 2017. [10/17]


Andrew Dustan's paper, co-authored with Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet, was published in the Summer 2017 issue of the Journal of Human Resources.  The paper is entitled, "Flourish or Fail? The Risky Reward of Elite High School Admission in Mexico City." [9/17]


Andrew Dustan spent part of the summer in Paraguay.  He co-taught a training event sponsored by Innovations for Poverty Action, an NGO serving public, private, and non-profit sector participants.  His topic was impact evaluation.  He also served as a panalist at a public event co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and an NGO, Innovations for Poverty Action, speaking on the topic of innovation and evidence for public policy in education. [9/17]


John Siegfried delivered the welcoming keynote address at the annual conference of the European Sports Economics Association in Paderborn, Germany on August 31, 2017.  He described "The Economics of College and University Sports in America" to a largely European audience unfamiliar with commercialized amateur sport. [9/17]


Kevin Huang has been busy lately!  His recent activities include six invited lectures, at the China Meeting of the Econometric Society (June 9, 2017), the HUST International Frontier Quantitative Economics Forum (June 11, 2017), the China Ministry of Finance Roundtable on VAT Reform (June 14, 2017), the Shanghai Macroeconomics Workshop (June 17, 2017), the Shanghai Development Forum (June 21, 2017), and the China Ministry of Finance Policy Forum (June 26, 2017), a plenary speech  at the IAR Policy Forum on China’s Economy (July 5, 2017), and a keynote address at the Shanghai People's Congress and Ministry of Finance Policy Forum (July 7, 2017).  He was also invited to present at multiple universities and policy institutions, had a lead article published in the Frontiers of Economics in China.  [8/17]


Visiting scholar Takumi Naito's  article, entitled "Growth and Welfare Effects of Unilateral Trade Liberalization with Heterogeneous Firms and Asymmetric Countries," is forthcoming in the Journal of International Economics. [8/17]


Pedro Sant'Anna's  paper, entitled, "Testing for Uncorrelated Residuals in Dynamic Count Models with an Application to Corporate Bankruptcy," was published in July in the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics. [8/17]


Mattias Polborn's  paper “Party Polarization in Legislatures with Office-Motivated Candidates” was published in the August 2017 issue of the Quarterly Journal of Economics.  The paper is co-authored with James Snyder (Harvard University). [8/17]


Andrew Goodman-Bacon and VUMC Health Policy professor Sayeh Nikpay recently appeared on the News Channel 5 (Nashville) show Morning Line.  They discussed, and took questions from the public on, the attempts by the Trump Administration and Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.  A video is available here . [8/17]


Myrna Wooders has accepted a position as a Visiting Research Professor at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD).  She plans to visit NYUAD twice during the academic year to collaborate with researchers there and to participate in the organization of an APET/NYUAD workshop on public economics. [8/17]


We are pleased to announce that our Chair for the next three years will be Peter Rousseau , with Joel Rodrigue serving as Vice Chair.  Thanks go out to departing Chair and Vice Chair Rick Bond and Bob Driskill , who ably filled in when Kamal Saggi was appointed Dean of Social Sciences last year. [8/17]


Joel Rodrigue was recently awarded tenure by the University.  Professor Rodrigue has been an invaluable addition to the Department, from his research in the fields of international economics, firm dynamics, and applied econometrics, to his genuine regard for students and his shepherding of the Honors Program in Economics during Professor Crucini's recent leave.  We are proud of his accomplishments and very pleased that he has been promoted to Associate Professor.  Professor Rodrigue will also be our Vice Chair for the next three years. [8/17]



The Department is pleased to welcome three new faculty members this Fall:  Associate Professor Yuya Sasaki , and Assistant Professors Michelle Marcus and Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins .  Read more about them HERE .  [8/17]


Myrna Wooders has been elected as a Fellow of the Game Theory Society.  Myrna is already a Fellow of the Econometric Society and the Economic Theory Society. [8/17]


A group of faculty including Kitt Carpenter has been awarded funding for an LGBT Policy Lab by Vanderbilt's Trans-Institutional Partnership (TIPs) Initiative.  The TIPs initiative will bring together more than 140 faculty members with graduate and undergraduate students from all 10 schools and colleges, creating multifaceted teams to approach complex challenges.  Prof. Carpenter's LGBT Policy Lab includes faculty from the Schools of Divinity, Law, and Medicine, as well as Economics. [7/17]


John Weymark gave two lectures as part of the Summer School on Social Choice and and Ethics held at the Warwick Business School, July 4 - 7 2017. [7/17]


John Weymark presented his paper, “Optimal Nonlinear Taxation of Income and Savings” (joint with Craig Brett), to the Working Group on the Economics of Taxation Seminar, Paris Center for Law and Economics, University Panthéon-Assas Paris II, on June 8th.  He also presented his paper, “Dominant Strategy Implementability and Zero Length Cycles" (joint with Paul Edelman), to the Dutch Social Choice Colloquium, Erasmus University Rotterdam, on June 9th, to the Manchester Economic Theory Workshop, Department of Economics, University of Manchester,  on June 13th, and the Society for Economic Design Conference, University of York, on June 15th. [6/17]

Daughety reinganum

During April and May, Andrew Daughety and Jennifer Reinganum presented their paper “Information Suppression by Teams and Violations of the Brady Rule” at the following: the University of Bonn's Economics Department; the Law and Economics Forum of the University of Mannheim; and the American Law and Economics Association Meeting at Yale University. [5/17]


John Weymark presented his paper, “Dominant Strategy Implementability, Zero Length Cycles, and Affine Maximizers,” at the Canadian Economic Theory Conference held at the Vancouver School of Economics on May 5-7, 2017.  His paper is co-authored with Paul Edelman, who holds appointments with Vanderbilt's Department of Mathematics and Law School. [5/17]


Kathryn Anderson was recently awarded the 2017 Distinguished Faculty Award by the Organization of Black Graduate and Professional Students. [5/17]


Senior Marc Chen's Economics Honors thesis, entitled, “The Relationship Between Public Transit Accessibility and Labor Force Participation in Nashville, TN," was discussed in an article about Marc for MyVU. [5/17]



We're pleased to announce that Yuya Sasaki, of Johns  Hopkins, will be joining us as an associate professor in the Fall.  Two new assistant professors, Michelle Marcus and Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins, will also be joining our ranks.  More information about them here. [5/17]


The Economics Department is co-sponsoring, with CeMMAP at University College London, a conference on Econometrics and Models of Strategic Interactions.   Tong Li , along with Andrew Chesher of UCL, is organizing the conference, which takes place at Vanderbilt on April 21-22, 2017. [4/17]


Greg Leo's article, "Taking Turns," was recently published in the journal Games and Economic Behavior. [4/17]


Myrna Wooders has been awarded a seed grant from the Vanderbilt Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for her proposal entitled "Understanding Unconscious Bias." [4/17]


Kevin Huang recently delivered the keynote speech at the Chinese Economists Society's 2017 North America Conference.  The theme of the conference was “New Normal of the Chinese Economy: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Implications." [3/17]


Federico Gutierrez'   paper, "Difference-in-Differences when Treatment Status is Observed in Only One Period," which was co-authored with Irene Botosaru of Simon Fraser University, has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Applied Econometrics . [3/17]


Kevin Huang has been appointed to a four-year term as the North American editor for the Pacific Economic Review. [3/17]


John Weymark has published his article, “Voting Over Selfishly Optimal Nonlinear Income Tax Schedules” (co-authored by Craig Brett), in the January 2017 special issue of Games and Economic Behavior in honor of John O. Ledyard.  Ledyard was the Economics Department’s Steine Lecturer in the Spring of 2013. [3/17]



Kitt Carpenter  has been appointed to a three-year term as an Editor at the Journal of Health Economics. [3/17]


Eun Jeong Heo's  paper, "Implementation in Stochastic Dominance Nash Equilibira," was recently published in Social Choice and Welfare. The paper was co-authored with Vikram Manjunath of Texas A&M. [2/17]


John Weymark’s Presidential Address to the Society for Social Choice and Welfare, “Conundrums for Nonconsequentialists,” has been published in the February 2017 issue of Social Choice and Welfare.  Weymark’s article is accompanied by a biographical statement. [2/17]


conference on Econometrics and Models of Strategic Interactionsorganized by Tong Li and Andrew Chesher of UCL, will take place at Vanderbilt April 21-22, 2017. [2/17]


Rosa Ferrer, PhD '09, recently received tenure at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.  She has a forthcoming paper in the Journal of Political Economy (co-authored with Ghazala Azmat), entitled, "Gender Gaps in Performance: Evidence from Young Lawyers." Congratulations! [2/17]


We are proud to be able to announce that  Matthew Gentry , PhD '12, was recently notified that he has earned tenure at the London School of Economics.  Professor Gentry is a microeconomist who specializes in empirical industrial organization and auctions.  His work, with co-author Tong Li, has been published in Econometrica and the Journal of Econometrics.  His most recent piece, "Existence of Monotone Equilibrium in First Price Auctions with Private Risk Aversion and Private Initial Wealth," was published in Games and Economic Behavior.  [2/17]


A new statistical model developed by  Mattias Polborn (with Harvard political scientist Jim Snyder) sheds light on some causes of polarization in American politics. This work is discussed in a recent piece at Vanderbilt. [2/17]


Andrew Goodman-Bacon was interviewed for a piece at Vanderbilt regarding how future Medicaid reforms might look.  His work in this area was also recently cited in the New York Times. Both these pieces cite Goodman-Bacon's "Perspective" article for the New England Journal of Medicine entitled, "Per Capita Caps in Medicaid: Lessons from the Past."  This article was co-authored with Sayeh Nikpay of the School of Medicine. [2/17]


Economics major and Economics Honors Program candidate Marc A. Chen was recently named a Schwarzman Scholar for academic year 2017-18. Open to students from around the world, the program provides full funding for a one-year master’s degree program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, an crucial base for the country’s scientific and technological research. Scholars study public policy, economics and business, and international studies while immersed in an international community of thinkers, innovators and senior leaders in business, politics and society. [2/17]


Wisarut Suwanprasert presented his paper, entitled "The Role of the Most Favored Nation Principle of the GATT/WTO in the New Trade Model," at the 2018 ASSA meetings in Chicago. [2/17]


Bill Collins has been named as a co-director of the NBER's program on the Development of the American Economy. Professor Collins and Leah Platt Boustan (of UCLA) are taking over from Claudia Goldin, who has run the program for more than 25 years. [1/17]


Peter Rousseau  has been awarded the Inaugural Robert E. Lucas Jr. Prize from the Journal of Political Economy for the article "Extensive and Intensive Investment over the Business Cycle" (co-authored with Boyan Jovanovic of NYU Economics), which appeared in the August 2014 issue of the journal. A link to the announcement is here:

The prestigious prize was awarded at the ASSA Annual Meetings in Chicago on January 6, 2017 in recognition of "the most interesting paper in the area of Dynamic Economics published in the Journal of Political Economy, 2014-2016," and will be awarded bi-annually in honor of Nobel Laureate Robert E. Lucas, Jr. It carries a $3,000 honorarium. The Journal of Political Economy celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, and is consistently ranked among the very top general interest journals in the field of Economics." [1/17]


Mattias Polborn's  paper, co-authored with Jim Snyder (Harvard), and entitled "Party Polarization in Legislatures with Office-Motivated Candidates," has been accepted for publication in the Quarterly Journal of Economics. [1/17]


Myrna Wooders ' paper, co-authored with Nizar Allouch and entitled "On the Nonemptiness of Approximate Cores of Large Games," was recently published, open access, in Economic Theory. [1/17]

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