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2010 Faculty News

Myrna Wooders  delivered a keynote lecture at The Second Lisbon Conference on Game Theory in November 2010 (  The other keynote speakers were Matthew Jackson, Stanford University, and Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Columbia University. 


Vandy study says Mexican immigrants’ jobs more dangerous  The “Immigrant Status and the Value of Statistical Life” study, conducted by Department of Economics and Vanderbilt Law School professors Joni Herschand W. Kip Viscusi, found that Mexican immigrants are in jobs with fatality rates more than one-third higher than other workers, but they are not compensated accordingly.


Mario Crucini , Associate Professor of Economics, and Moto Shintani, Associate Professor of Economics, have received National Science Foundation Grant SES-1030164 “International Cities as the Economic Unit of Account: Theory and Measurement.” with the third Co-PI Hakan Yilmazkuday, a former Vanderbilt Ph.D. student who is now an assistant professor at Temple University. The grant is for 2010-2013, with total amount $513,111.



Saggi wants to answer 'the big questions' How do you solve poverty? How do developing countries catch up? How does a nation grow? These “big questions” are what inspired India-born Kamal Saggi to take up economics as an undergraduate at Ohio Wesleyan University. He’s devoted his career to chipping away at solutions, and going forward, he’ll do his research from Nashville. [more]


Jeremy Atack  named president-elect of Economic History Association A Vanderbilt economics professor has been named the president-elect of the Economic History Association. Jeremy Atack, professor of economics and history, will take office on Sept. 10, 2011. He was elected during the association’s business meeting this month in Boston. Read the full story »



Mario Crucini  (Vanderbilt University) was appointed to a three-year term as co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Economics, effective July 1, 2010. Mototsugu Shintani (Vanderbilt University), Kevin Huang (Vanderbilt University), Sylvain Leduc (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco) and Margarida Duarte (University of Toronto) are serving as Editorial Advisors.


During August 2010,  Myrna Wooders  gave a plenary lecture at the Brazilian Workshop of the Game Theory Society (Sao Paulo)  and a keynote lecture at the General Equilibrium Theory Workshop in Asia  (Hanoi). At both these evens she presented her work studying the properties of diverse economies -- including economies with clubs or local public goods, for example -- which ensure that price-taking outcomes cannot be improved upon by any coalition of players. Besides delivering her plenary lecture, Myrna Wooders also chaired a panel discussion with an illustrious group of panelists including Nobel Laureates Robert Aumann (Hebrew University), Eric Maskin (Princeton) and Roger Myerson (University of Chicago).


In honor of  John Siegfried , who officially retired at the end of the past academic year, the Eocnomics Honors Student Reserch Fund has been re-named the "John Siegfried Economics Honors Student Research Fund". For more information about this fund and other opportunites to support the department, click here.


John Siegfried , professor of economics, is now professor of economics, emeritus. Siegfried joined the economics faculty in the College of Arts and Science in 1972 and also taught at Vanderbilt Law School and in the Executive MBA program of the Owen Graduate School of Management.


Tong Li , professor of economics and chair of the department, has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to support his work on analyzing auction data, studying bidders’ strategic behavior, and addressing policy-related questions using game-theoretic models and state-of-art econometric methods.



Jennifer F. Reinganum  has been named the Secretary/Treasurer of the American Law and Economics Association. The ALEA includes academic and professional economists, practicing lawyers and legal scholars, political scientists, and others who share an interest in the interdisciplinary field of law and economics. The Association holds an annual two-day meeting in May at which members present papers dealing with a wide variety of topics. Since 1999, the Association has published the American Law and Economics Review, a refereed journal. Following her one-year term as Secretary/Treasurer, Reinganum will become the Vice President of the association for one year and then, ultimately, the President. During her term as President, the annual meeting will be held at Vanderbilt (in May, 2013).