2002-2003 Squad and Season Highlights

Competed in 10 tournaments (3 = 1st Place) with 48 awards and honors

Represented on the National Academic All-American Team:

Susan Mader, Fr. A&S and Shaun Mahaffey, So. A&S


Represented on the National All-American Team:

Mark Kendall, So. A&S and Katie Ryzoc, Fr. A&S


SEC Regional Championship Awards

Nikhil Perumbeti & Katie Ryzoc were named the SEC Regional 2nd Team

Jay Williams & India McKinney were named the SEC Regional 3rd Team

Jonathan Lindsay & Samar Shah were named the SEC Regional  4th Team

Novice 1st Speaker was Nikhil Perumbeti,  3rd Speaker was Jay Williams,  4th Speaker was Katie Ryzoc, 5th Speaker was India McKinney, and JV 4th Speaker was Jonathan Lindsay.

M.L. Sandoz was named SEC Top Coach


Tennessee State Championships

Susan Mader & Mark Kendall, 2nd Novice

Katie Ryzoc & Matt Thompson, 4th Novice

India McKinnney was the 1st Speaker and Jay Williams was 2nd Speaker

Jonathan Lindsay & Taylor Smith, 3rd Varsity

Jay Williams  & India McKinney, 4th Varsity

Jonathan was the 1st Speaker and Taylor was 4th


MTSU Invitational

1st Novice  was shared by Susan Mader & Juliet Crupi, Katie Ryzoc & Skip Flenniken, and Christin Parker & Sarah Spear.  2nd was Nikhil Perumbeti & Scott Hanguaer.  2nd Speaker went to Skip Flenniken.  4th Speaker went to Christine Parker.  6th Speaker went to Katie Ryzoc.  8th Speaker went to Sarah Spear.

JV 3rd Speaker was Nik Botkin.  4th Speaker was Jonathan Lindsay.  7th Speaker was Shaun Mahaffey.


Crimson Classic

1st Place Novice: Phillip Albonetti & Susan Mader with Susan receiving 2nd Place Speaker and Phillip was 6th Place Speaker.


Pepperdine Invitational

2nd Place JV : Kimberly Olvey & Melissa Stanley with Kim receiving 8th Place Speaker.


Tournament of Love

4th Place Novice: Susan Mader & Mark Kendall with Mark receiving the 10th Place Speaker.  Jay Williams was 3rd, India McKinney was 4th, and Christine Parker was 5th Place Speaker.


UGA Bulldog Debates

1st Place Varsity: Susan Mader & Mark Kendall.  Susan also received the 1st Place Speaker.

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