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Study Abroad

Can I study abroad and complete the requirements of the CMST major? Is it difficult to accomplish both in a timely manner? What if I’m a transfer student? Can I receive credit toward my CMST degree if I study abroad?

The answers are, respectively, yes, no, yep, and probably!

Many CMST students study abroad and have no difficulty completing the major requirements in a timely manner.  Even if you’re a transfer student, we can work with you to find the best options for studying abroad.

Receiving credit toward your CMST major is also relatively easy. Many study-abroad programs offer such courses as intercultural communication, media around the globe, rhetoric in the ancient world, and more. Receiving credit for one of these courses (3 credit hours) is pretty straightforward. The credit you receive abroad will likely transfer into the “elective” portion of the CMST major.

All CMST majors thinking about studying abroad should make an appointment with Isaac West, Director of Undergraduate Studies, to receive pre-approval for study abroad courses. This meeting should happen BEFORE the semester in which a student hopes to study abroad.

Students should also make an appointment with Vanderbilt’s Global Education Office.