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Vanderbilt Debate Hosts Campus Forum on Tik-Tok

Posted by on Monday, February 6, 2023 in Debate, News & Events.

Vanderbilt University’s Debate Program hosted a forum on the use of Tik-Tok on college campuses on Friday, February 3rd. VU’s team took the position that the app should be blocked on campuses, while the University of Mississippi argued that it should not. Several states, including both Tennessee and Mississippi, have blocked the use of Tik Tok on all government-owned networks.

This exhibition was part of the 4th Annual Vanderbilt British Parliamentary Debate Tournament hosted over the weekend, at which about 100 students across 30 universities participated.

You can watch the debate here: “Vanderbilt hosts debate exhibition on topic of TikTok bans.”

You can also read a Vanderbilt Hustler story about the event here: “Vanderbilt Co-Hosts Debate on TikTok Bans at Universities.”