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Lafayette Debates in Washington, D.C.

Posted by on Monday, April 10, 2017 in Debate.

This past weekend, Vanderbilt competed in the Lafayette Debates, a unique tournament format co-sponsored by George Washington University and the French Embassy.

Thirty-four teams from the US and France competed, including top policy and parliamentary debate teams, debating the topic: “Democracies should prioritize interculturalism.” In the preliminary rounds, teams had to affirm the topic twice and negate the topic twice.

Junior Kaylee Kohlmaier and graduate student Jen Newman were undefeated in preliminary rounds, and advanced through 3 elimination rounds before losing to Morehouse College on a 3-2 decision in the final round.

Kohlmaier was 3rd speaker overall, and Newman was the top speaker at the tournament.

Reaching the finals qualified Kohlmaier and Newman for a study-tour of Paris, France, this summer, where they will represent the US as Young Ambassadors in a series of discussions with French diplomats, politicians, academics and other thought-leaders. Afterwards they will be inducted into the Young Ambassadors Alumni Network to promote ongoing transatlantic dialogue and networking.