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Jelena Bogdanovic

Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture
Associate Professor of Classical & Mediterranean Studies

Jelena Bogdanovic studies cross-cultural and religious themes in the architecture of the Balkans and Mediterranean. Her authored and edited books include The Framing of Sacred Space: The Canopy and the Byzantine Church (Oxford UP, 2017), Type and Archetype in Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Architecture (Brill, 2023, with Ida Sinkevic, Marina Mihaljevic, and Cedomila Marinkovic) Icons of Space: Advances in Hierotopy (Routledge, 2021, 2023), Perceptions of the Body and Sacred Space in Late Antiquity and Byzantium (Routledge, 2018, 2020), Space of the Icon: Iconography and Hierotopy (Theoria, 2019, with Michele Bacci and Vladimir Sedov), Political Landscapes of Capital Cities (UP of Colorado, 2016, with Jessica Christie and Eulogio Guzmán), and On the Very Edge: Modernism and Modernity in the Arts and Architecture of Interwar Serbia (1918–1941) (Leuven and Cornell UP, 2014, with Lilien Robinson and Igor Marjanovic).