Program of Concentration in Latin American Studies


CLAS offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate major and a minor in Latin American Studies, as well as a minor in Brazilian Studies. The Center also offers summer programs In Brazil and Guatemala, and facilitates study abroad and service learning opportunities In Latin American countries. An honors program is also available.

Program of Concentration in Latin American Studies


The major in Latin American studies consists of 36 hours plus a language requirement.


I. Language Requirement – demonstrated proficiency
II. Core courses – 6 hours
III. Distribution Requirements – 12 hours
IV. Area of Concentration – 12 hours
V. Electives – 6 hours


Note: No course may be counted twice in calculating the 36 hours. Upon approval of the Committee on Individual Programs and the student’s adviser, (a) as many as 6 hours may be counted as part of both the interdisciplinary major and a second major, or (b) normally, no more than three introductory-level courses will be counted toward the interdisciplinary major.


I. Language Requirement. A student must acquire advanced knowledge of one Latin American language (Spanish, Portuguese, or an indigenous language) and an intermediate knowledge in another Latin American language. The requirement to acquire advanced knowledge of a Latin American language may be satisfied by completing Spanish 3303, or any course with a higher number taught in Spanish, or any course with a higher number taught in Portuguese. The requirement to acquire intermediate knowledge of another Latin American language may be satisfied by successfully completing Spanish 2203, Portuguese 2203, or Anthropology 2612 (indigenous language). Individual standardized testing may also be used to demonstrate knowledge.


II. Core Courses (6 hours)

  • LAS 2101, Introduction to Latin America
  • LAS 4901, Interdisciplinary Research Methods


III. Distribution Requirements (12 hours). Two relevant classes in two of the following three areas not chosen as the major area of concentration.

  1. History
  2. Language, Literature, and Art History (Departments of Spanish & Portuguese and History of Art)
  3. Social Sciences (Departments of Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology).


IV. Area of Concentration (12 hours from one of the following areas; special topics and independent study courses must be approved for sufficient LAS content by major adviser)

  1. History
  2. Language, Literature, History of Art
  3. Social Sciences


For more detailed information please consult the Undergraduate Course Catalog.